Refit camera #4Woodie

28 January– refinished the mount system and included a shelving system, workshop and field use ready.

Completed upgrades

lens board mounting refinishing
shelf carrier


6 December 2020– Refitted with the new 4x5" frame holder and upgraded movement system. Also with new photo paper holders and tray system. Using the newly resewn dark jacket and a new lens mount system.

size of lens board
best method, top slot in bracket


18 August 2020— it's ready! kamra #4woodie— Ilford photo chemicals, Ilford RC photo paper, trays, 30ml graduate, rags, 210mm lens, safelight, light meter, multi-tool, spare screws set, blu tack, bottle, dark jacket, talcum powder, Profoto strobe (on-loan!), trigger, surveyor tripod, light stand... ok i think thats everything

mounted to survey tripod
camera #4woodie ready for field use


12 August 2020— mounted! some modifications needed, camera #4woodie has legs now 🙂 next for some eyes and projection! we're halfway there


5 August 2020— Collecting photographic chemical safe bottles. now dark bottles for colour chemicals too! #10TGbuild and reviving #4woodie

Chemical bottles


1 August 2020— Time to revive this old camera #4woodie. Heading for a trip to the east side, and i need a camera. ALL my working cameras are stuck in Taipei, since lockdown in February. 


#11Toyolcam box carrier build

To make this camera field ready, I used my Manfrotto Stealth reporter, but being a softcase, it was secured enough to transport this fragile camera. Hence I made a specific size box to fit camera for transport long distance and storage. Built during lockdown.

27 January– Painting assembly, complete stage 1. Disassemble to prepare for finishing and painting. had a colour combination in mind, red orange with dark green, but all I had in the studio was matte black spray can during lockdown... ready for gluing and final assembly.

rear quarter
front quarter

interior with camera

Box Carrier for #11toyolcam

painted and ready for gluing & final assemble

Shou Sugi Ban with deep waxing
all the mounting hardware
matte black

disassembled for finished

most complex part
rail support
gripping holes


26 January– complete closing, edge trimming, sanding

Lid installation and locking wood

inside hinge flushed
rear hinge


23 January– Side beams, rail support and installation

framing & support 

with camera insert
exterior screw points

side beams & rail support

cutting station
measurements, drawings


21 January– Shell assembly, measurements and support beam design sketches


27 December– box shell assembly, interlocking parts, which provide strength all round.

box shell assembled

cutting table
shell interlocking


30 October 2020– review panel design, size and dimension

fits with about 20+mm clearance all round


22 October 2020– Ordered outer shell wood panels for box, 8mm plywood, cost RM 21.50, delivery RM30.00

material cost


14 October 2020– Start sketches for carrier box, for transport and storage


#12Russkieкамера 13x18cm Здравствуйте

20 January– Completed stage 1 repair work done! film holder has been repaired as well, only need to patch light leaks in the bellows and it is ready for field test. Needs a dark cloth to shade camera, all cloth felts needs replacement. Stage 2 repair work after completing other build projects.

Stage 1 repair done– ready for studio test


19 January– Adding wooden shim to moving boards. camera has water damage which cause wood to warp and joints to loosen. 


15 January– Strengthening the base board and rear standard. replacing missing adjusting bolts and rear movements.

base rail
adding dove insert
finished assembly


30 December 2020– Rebuilding the front standard. Unassembled the entire front standard to the base, glued and install dowels to strengthen.

gluing down front base
strengthen front joint



16 December 2020– Acquired some acrylics to make new ground glass and for the film holder backing. 


30 October 2020– Здравствуйте Say hello to my #12Russkieкамера 13x18cm camera
FKD ФотоКамера Дорожная (Field Compact Camera) thanks @goshakeymakh. Acquired my 3rd camera to rebuild my camera arsenal here in Malaysia. About RM300 (USD$72). Russian-made, appropriated German technology after WWII, Tailboard or Reisskamera circa~1860s, this camera probably from the 1950-60s... needs alot of repair and modification to get it to work. 

Shoots 5x7 format. 210mm f4.5 barrel lens with lens cap as shutter.

prism industra-51 210mm lens
bellow are still intact
fully unfolded


23 October 2020– Visited Master Long to have a closer look at the Russian cameras he had. 8x10" and 5x7" cameras. 
Master Long Thien Shih

5x7" & 8x10" newer versions
5x7" older version