Kamra in Malaysia is growing

25 January first project meet. start of mentoring and apprenticeship.

 1. Nurul Huda, a photography major has taken up 'kanta' as her final year project! and here is a snapshot teaser of her progress. I think she'll take some really interesting portraits with the lenses she has. I'm very inspired by her energy and passion. Can't wait to see her first print! good luck huda :)

2. Amazing Nurul Huda her final year project as a photography major, Project Keepsake! she needs sitters, married couple Shah alam area, Kota Kemuning! get in touch with her! another Kamra is born in Malaysia!!! https://www.instagram.com/projectkeepsake/

3. @projectkeepsake Nurul Huda Mat Rusdi's final year project. Kamra box & developing box #projectkeepsake #kantaboxkamra family is growing

4. first Kamra girl in Malaysia @nurulhudamr and her final year project @projectkeepsake. she had a few weeks to build it and another few to shoot with it. She has built it using #kantaboxkamra principles, there are some new orientations and some new methods. I think there is a new #Kameracaptin (Tin Branded Cameras) coming about UPDATE Congratulations Nurul Huda on aceing her final year project with an A!

5. Kamra is growing with a collective collaborating Huda to build a Kamra.