DEMO; Refugee School

Part of the 2nd phase of the journey; #edgesofmalaysia

01 Camera Strapped 26/01
02 Demonstrating 26/01
03 First Magic 26/01
04 The Image 15/02
05 Making Portraits 15/02
06 Image in the box 15/02
07 Next Batch 01/03
01– Camera strapped on and ready to go, #bikepacking with Kamra #1 to visit a refugee school for show & demonstration, introduction to the community. it’s an underground network and an unwritten system for refugees and migrant. I got asked some hard questions by the kids, I'm learning about them as much as they are from me. 26/01

02– Demonstrating the process, while being their special guest for English language class. “photography is magic”, my best scientific explanation of the process haha :) this has been my most rewarding experience so far. Most of these students are from the North West State of Myanmar, refugee status perhaps still in limbo. 26/01

03– the first magic of photography, the ‘moulding’ of light to produce a likeness image. 26/01

04– the image, moulding light with just found items. Demonstration, portraits Students of age 9-10. 15/02

05– Making portraits of the class, one at a time. Students of age 9-10. 15/02

06– “image” in the box, most fulfilling experience, when these kids started showing the same experiment to the other classes. 15/02

07– next batch of class from refugee school, ‘science & english class’ plus making portraits. 01/03