Taiwan Trip July 2018- 1st log

1. Taiwan 2nd leg, residency at OCAC Taipei. Check-in luggage just below limit at 29kg. bringing along two cameras loads.

2. Touchdown Taipei, taking the local express train to Taipei main city station. NT160 only about an hour ride. three luggages at about 40+ kg.

3. Arrival OCAC http://ocac.com.tw/ residency and program for a month long. will be travelling for most part, to the east and south, Lanyu Island, Hualien, Taitung. But this will serve as my base.

4. Dinner at red light district of Taipei, visit the local auctioneer and safevan, one seater.

5. Reunion with Luc Chen, visit the exhibition and check out the space. #ScootTaiwan reunion meetup with Luc studio visit and joint exhibition.

1. 29 kg
2. arrived taipei
3. OCAC welcoming party
4. Auction House
4. one seater van
5. Reunion with Luc
6. Kanta extension exhibition