Acquisition: materials for Taiwan

#KantaTaiwan as the days draw closer to departure, getting some essentials and preparing items for transport & field trip.

1. More ply wood, to fit on rear standard, protecting ground glass, 2 sheets ($RM10) local framer
2. Inside the #mobiledarkbox. Since the size has changed to #8x10, so does the space required, save weight by replacing table with A3 3mm acrylic sheet ($RM17), and pvc box ($RM11) to keep papers and holders dry in this semi wet darkroom environment
3. New sheets, some test shots soon on new #8intrepid, unfortunately out of gloss stock, so pearl is next best choice. Going to try fitting with small film change bag, that would be a challenge. Box of 100pc, RC pearl Multigrade 8x10" ($RM 277)
4. Return trip, swing by to get travelling analogue metronome ($RM40). Timing is abit off if following the scale, did some test and markings. Now almost accurately 60bpm, 1 second intervals. Now testing time length, 10 minutes so far. No batteries needed.

1. more plywood
2. inside #mobiledarkbox, materials
3. 8x10 RC paper
4. analogue metronome