Upper Perak expedition with COAC

#KantaPortraits Over the weekend, will be heading into the interiors of Upper North Perak. I'm just guessing it is somewhere there. This is an overnight trip, first in the field. Will try with some camping gear.

Out of the interiors and exhausted. About 7+ hours journey one way, and half of it offroad (first ever time thrown into the deep to drive). Me trying to be as the natives are, and my latest obsession with the Cub chai (motorcycle) and how they are the staple mode of transport for native communities. They are like nimble horses that can tread any type of terrain, if handled by very dextrous rider of course. Overnight trip up north to ... Village. Took about 15 portraits in this village of over 90 natives. Apart from mapping, native land rights agendas that was the primary reason for the trip, portrait-taking was only the secondary (sideshow) program. More details and images when I get the time soon.

Thank you @Center for Orang Asli Concerns #COAC for the support.