Day 6– Wutai

#KantaTaiwan Day 6. journal Sunday 27 May.

  1. Sunday is the Sabbath. it's also the busiest day for the village as it is packed with tourist. 600+ was the count, thats more than the entire population of the village. Christianity has been here for more than a hundred years and most natives have included introduced religion & spirituality in their daily life, mixing with their traditional beliefs.
  2. Tourists walking through village.
  3. Sunday mass at the Wutai's village Presbyterian Church.
  4. First edition 2017 Bible translated to Rukai Language, Sunday Newsletter and a bookmark with my name, welcoming me.
  5. Congregation, sings church hymns in a mixture of Rukai and Mandarin.
  6. An introduction during the announcement, we were given a warm welcome and invited to lunch. Luc gets approached by many long lost relatives.
  7. Scoot diaries, heading down to visit Grandma, sending gifts and saying goodbyes. the views here are just majestic.
  8. Uselrepe, Grandma who named luc after herself. Journey home.
  9. More language classes and history with Moo Moo.
  10. Sorting out negatives, quick clean and packing up cameras.
  11. Scoot diaries with Anne Hor Fun. the mountain roads are dark and quiet at night. thanks for the lift #scoottaiwan
  12. Night ride with Aunt, Mei Hua, up the mountain to have a look at the village. Boosted up the image to get some detail in the dark.
  13. Selv Grass 安從慈 MeiHua and me, riding up the mountain on our last night here

In a remote village in the hills, visitors bring much revenue, but also much annoyance and disruption to this small community. But they are resilient and they adapt to their best ability. Spirituality is very important, as with every native communities, their connection to each other and the land they're on, be it through religion or through ritualistic ceremonies, it can be through big gestures and small ones. Social and cultural connections that bind a community together. #KantaPortraits #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia

1. Rukai Christianity

2. tourist

3.  Sunday Mass

4. Rukai bible

5.  Congregation

6. church welcome

7.  scoot with Luc

8. Uselrepe, journey home

9 language class

10. sort out negatives

11. scoot with anne

12. wutai village at night

13. riding up the mountain