Taiwan trip May 2018- 1st log

Hello Taipei, nice to see you again. An exhibition of #KantaPortraits #workinprogress is scheduled to open on the 19th. #DindingPotret is here and I brought some earlier prints too. Am planning two trips down south. Exciting collaborations ahead, thank you #studio94tw on the trail of #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia

1. Reunion with Selv Grass on the streets of Beitou/ Shillin District, North of Taipei. Scooting around, night market yeah! Great to meet again, plan for our collaboration down south to Wutai, Pingtung. We have much to work out and research for trip #TIPRC Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Research Center

2. meeting up with #OpenContemporaryArtCenter #OCAC team and collaborating artist documentary filmmaker @posakjodian, Taipei is always so warm. And since May 9, I'm introduced as the Malaysian everywhere, get congratulated then sho at #KINOEAR Audio Documentary exhibition opening @thecubespace #thecubeprojectspace heard many interesting pieces.

3. Finally packed, three box cameras, one mobile darkroom tent, two tripods, about 42.5kg in total. only have 1.8kg of clothes.

starting a can collection
2. reunion Luc
2. meetup OCAC
3. luggage