Kanta Portraits Solo Exhibition, Taipei

KANTA portraits #workinprogress exhibition at Studio94 Taipei, featuring my first finished work for Kanta #DindingPotret, with maps & studies, selected prints from my previous Born In Malaysia #PortraitsofKualaLumpur exhibition, a collection of prints, and first 2 prototype cameras built. With a setup of a mobile photobooth. I'm quite excited and humbled by the opportunity, it's a small exhibition, but it's becoming a beautiful party :)

Some pictures from the Opening dinner and exhibits. (Some pics taken from other attendees).

Hsiao-Ting, Project Manager for the exhibition and my residency giving an opening introduciton
Sarina, Director, thank you
Muniyu Saliljan soulful voice filled the air 
short intro walkthrough the exhibit
Muniyu Saliljan, instant portrait
main title wall
Index wall, 2014-2018 (right to left), ending with work in progress piece (left)
close up of index wall
Main hall
Selected works from Born in Malaysia, Portraits of Kuala Lumpur 2017
first prototype built, #2Foldie, disassembled
2nd hall, with the main piece, Dinding Potret Kanta, maps, research and studies
Dinding Potret Kanta 2014-2017