Performance– Luminous Shadow

Year 2020, come April, I will be part of a conceptual performance in Taipei, “Luminous Shadow 浮光流影” with two other artists. A new experience, still much to prepare. https://npac-ntch.org/zh/festivals/TIFA/2020/events/program/details/13


Reflection– on self

Artist’s Reflection– When Kanta Box Kamra (2014) & KANTA portraits (2017) project started out searching for concepts of identity, little was known of the outcome or the expectations of what will be found. Many of the processes and methodology were developed organically from the experiences and circumstances. The journey has been very revealing and challenging; physically, mentally and spiritually. Being in both local and foreign countries, understanding the social construct of how states project and form social strata, leading to which are the circumstances we are found in and responding to.

Indigenous groups and tribespeople have always been living in-between or at the crossroads between their existence and the ‘known world’. Identity therefore becomes the need to define, to be ‘known’, and to a certain extent, to conform, assimilate, integrate or be restricted and contained. Building archetypes as references to a structure of the human condition, the known world we live in has disabled and enabled the way we define and identify ourselves, either from our inherent past, genealogy, geospatial, polities. Understanding their predicament, is in a way to see our past and foresee a future.

Experiencing these conditions and circumstances from the studies and field trips, I have developed my thinking and understanding on the subject of identity. At this moment, I am still researching and reflecting. With time, I hope to either produce artworks or a publication on the experiences. (Taken from Cendana final Milestone report May 2019. edited).


Film Screening & Presentation– KMTX NML in Penang

Film Premier of Kanta Portraits collaboration with Taiwan. I’ll be here with Posak Jodian and organiser 數位荒原駐站暨群島資料庫 NML Residency & Nusantara Archive and OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站.

Nusantara Archive in Penang: “Lakec – Storyteller and Very Simple River” Screening & Thematic Publication Launch– “Nusantara Archive in Penang” is a combined event of the special screening of Posak Jodian’s latest documentary on Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the launch of the thematic publication by the Nusantara Archive. This event will be held at Ruang Kongsi, an independent space based in Penang run by local cultural practitioners. Previously, a series of contemporary video works screening event – “Petamu Project” was organised and held at the Rumah Attap Library and the Collective during the Kuala Lumpur Urbanscape Festival in July 2018, featuring works by both Malaysian and Taiwanese artists of the Nusantara Archive. This upcoming event, “Nusantara Archive in Penang” on 15 December is an extension from such collaborative effort, while responding to the multi-cultural dimension of the Penang-Taiwan through the artistic works of moving images and thematic publication since the curatorial program of “Hari Ini Dalam Serjarah” during the DA+C Festival in Penang in 2015. Local artists, Hoo Fan Chon and Okui Lala who were involved in projects organised by the Nusantara Archive will host the after-screening discussion on 15 December.



FIELD TRIP– Penang Island

I’m in Penang for the premier of a film by Posak Jodian, on our Kanta Portraits Taiwan Malaysia Exchange. Happening this Sunday. Hugging the coast heading up the peninsular. Coconut plantation, rice fields, palm oil, agrarian nation.


FILM release– Identity

One of a few interviews I gave this year where I started expressing my thoughts and reflection after a lengthy research project that has come to an end. Glimpse into my field work with Kanta Portraits. Thanks to the production team, and especially Dave and Diaman for sharing their life with me.



Reflections– Posak Jodian

Palm Trees, Helicopters, the Boulder, and the Storyteller 棕櫚樹、直升機、大石頭,和說故事的人 http://www.heath.tw/nml-article/palm-trees-helicopters-the-boulder-and-the-storyteller/

數位荒原駐站暨群島資料庫 NML Residency & Nusantara Archive 28 July 2019
「我為他說了馬太鞍部落的起源故事;首先來了大洪水,兩姐弟坐上小船逃難,經歷數次遷徒,才來到現在馬太鞍的老部落。我告訴他這是我們的起源,我們沒有比這個更早的故事了。Atok Long笑著對我說:『我聽完你的故事,現在我要告訴你全部的故事,在你的故事發生以前的故事。然後你的故事就會變完整!』於是我們花一個下午待在他的房子裡,他緩慢地告訴我,他們的世界怎樣被創造出來,身旁的青年不時加入討論或翻譯。他的故事結尾,正好接在我的故事開頭。」(Posak Jodian)

數位荒原駐站暨群島資料庫 NML Residency & Nusantara Archive 合作研究員 Posak Jodian 年初與馬來西亞藝術家 Jeffrey J C Lim 進入半島四處部落進行紀錄片拍攝交流,並完成隨紀錄片書寫的文章〈棕櫚樹、直升機、大石頭,和說故事的人〉。作為導演,她發現,受到殖民及強勢語族入侵的影響,過去沒有文字而僅以口述記錄歷史的原住民,總是感受到「寫下來」的急迫性。無論是說故事,地理或邊界的認定,口述傳統本身包含關於對象的討論空間,以及隨不同口述時空而增減的創造性。但當這樣的文化特性遇到如今要求書寫的準確和對文本的執迷時,又要如何折衝呢?*Special thanks to Colin Nicholas & Center for Orang Asli Concern, Koong Hui Yein, Jeffrey Lim , 半路咖啡.