Blackout cloth

Birthday gift from Eden Lee Eden. Thank you brother, I received it last week Sunday, but was too busy and too sick to send you a note. Will need to design the new #mobiledarkbox with this new blackout fabric!



Last booth in September and probably 2018. Two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid, with mini exhibit with maps and portraits from the field. *Will try to get my latest build camera ready for a trial run as well #4woodie. #KantaPortraits *prebook available Artitude - The School, Jaya One 3 days arts & crafts bazaar showcasing the young, independent and creative Malaysians. Sept 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday), 12- 8pm, at The School

Portrait booth during the weekend #artitude, fundraising September comes to a close. What the booth looks like Sept 2018, and packs down to a luggage. I'm completely exhausted from a market every weekend with private sessions. Fallen ill but it's been so great meeting so many. Thank you for the great support and friendship. Wishing everyone well, till we meet again #KantaPortraits

on 20+ year old expired paper

booth setup 2018

booth setup 2018

packs down to luggage

with GMBB sales team

framing the shot



best work so far


Malaysiaku Celebrations

Instant Portrait Booth- coming Sunday 16th Sept at Malaysiaku Celebrations 2018 at The Bangkung Row. Two cameras will be prepared, #1interchange & #8intrepid at 3.5x5.5" and 8x10" size on silverprint photo paper. Exhibited- Project info, Peninsular, Borneo states & Taiwan Maps, a selection of unpublished portraits from the field. Fundraising September for much-needed equipment, future field trips.

At Malaysiaku Celebrations 2018 event yesterday. Managed to document the booth setup 2018. And some pictures from participants, great to meet so many, new friends and inspiration. Fundraising September #KantaPortraits thank you for the great support, biggest one goes to Ed Soo

Saidah Rastam
Daniel and Family

Malek & Suann

drying rack fully extended

drying rack


Patricia & Husband, Anniversary shot

Family of 9

booth setup

booth setup

booth setup 2018


Rebuild #4Woodie

#4woodie Kamra, is getting upgrades, rushing to get this ready for some trials before #KantaJapan. This is the only box camera I've built from scratch. Planning to convert this Kamra into a real Brazilian #LambeLambe, at a larger format too. Lick lick camera! Although it has the single top rail only (monorail system) something developed in two of cameras built for Kanta. Hopefully it'll be a very efficient booth camera, versatile for different sizes too, from small 2.5x3.25" to any size or orientation within 6.5x8.5". Marriage between Kanta, Kamra & Lambe and more. (Hako Kamera Japan). Will probably rename it too. #KantaPortraits #KantaBoxKamra #afghanboxcamera #LambeLambe

starts with imagination & sketches
interior of #4woodie
frame holder

manufactured trays

manufactured trays

manufactured trays

manufactured trays

perfect fit!


New cover sign

Had to make a new cover to fit the new camera shell. Ode to many that has inspired and transpired to this project. Namely #Kamraefaoree Afghan Box Camera Project #Lambelambe LAMBE DAY #Kahlinhipsiong Dubbing PHOTO - 左偏影像 #KantaBoxKamra #Fiveartscenter Five Arts Centre


KLPA booth

KLPA 2018 Awards Presentation & Official Opening of Exhibition Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards KANTA Instant Portraits KLPA, Sunday 9th September 2018 from 12 - 6pm, Publika Whitebox mapkl. In conjunction with KLPA exhibition week

Fund-raising Sept
For the month of September, the project is fund-raising for much needed equipment and field trips. Exclusively for KLPA, Kanta Portraits will be setting up an instant portrait booth on 9th September at White Box, Publika. Two cameras will be readied, at 3.5 x 5.5" (RM50) and 8 x 10" (RM100) formats.

KLPA Yesterday's fundraising event with two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid, although from 12-6pm, I am completely exhausted. Great meeting so many, but I think I should pace myself. #KantaPortraits #KLPA18 *I rarely have any pictures of myself working, so I've taken some from the participants. Till the next booth next Sunday, I'll be resting, cleaning, repairing archiving. Repeat

Ali Ibrahim
new sign– Kanta Portraits

setting up

new drying rack system

loading paper

framing the shot

the print

framing the shot

the negative

Special print

Sibun all the way from Sabah



Saturday Portraits

8th September 2018, 10am to 9pm

GET YOUR INSTANT PORTRAITS on Silver Gelatin Resin-coated paper using a self-made box camera. Inspired from century old techniques & practices, this process is entirely manual.

An amalgamation of both the camera & the darkroom, #KantaBoxKamra is now available one Saturday of every month at Room 203 café at Publika, Jalan Duta.

In collaboration with Bang Bang Geng and support from Room 203, Saturday Portraits is a fundraising and awareness initiative on the portraiture project and the artform.




the prints


project display