World Instant Box Camera Day 2016

DIA 20 DE AGOSTO, a galera que clica com essas câmeras no mundo vai "se reunir" para uma ação de retrato na rua, um Lambe Day internacional. An international day to take out to the streets all the kamra-e-faroees, minuteras, kantas, lambe-lambes and any other kind of instant box cameras you may find.

20 August 2016 is the inaugural Instant Box Camera Day, the idea originating from Brasil, the word was spread around the world to other practitioners. Gatherings were set, cameras were prep and self-portraits were taken.

Here are some of the pictures of the celebration. The art is so diverse and alive. Long Live the Box Camera Practitioners.

Malaysia; Huda, Jeff, Koon Yik

Brasil, Bárbara Nunes‎

Brasil lambe
Brasil,  Cássia Xavier

USA, fixed position photography
Italy, Giorgio Cadeddu Sardinia

Brasil, Juazeiro do Norte

UK, Leicester

Leicester Lo-Fi Photography

Brasil, Mauricio Sapata Sao Paulo

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Michi Rodriguez 

Japan, (Jeff) Mitsu Maeda

Brasil, Tonho Ceará


MEETUP; with Mitsu Maeda, Japan

KAMRA COMRADES; it's like finding my long lost sister, Mitsu Maeda wishing you all the best in your photography journey :). she gets the largest smile award!

Mitsu Maeda
at KL-ga collab with Tokyo-ga, Mayumi Suzuki's journey of rediscovery, through the survival of the people of her tsunami-struck hometown. Lots of heart

Mayumi Suzuki



 Late last week, a friend send this to me, closing down art centre getting rid of these two studio cameras. I'm too poor to save them, but darn i could take pics with these!

Venus Art Supplies, Petaling Street
enlarger at Pak Tai, Kuala Lumpur
what looks like a large format enlarger at the iconic photography studio in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Pak Tai is moving out end of this month. Thanks to the investigative 'report' of K Azril. found out from chi too, he's moving... next door!

large format studio camera
Acquired; meanwhile up north, studio camera 8 x 10, wish it was but not mine