Art for grabs: Book fest, Publika

#KantaPortraits floor setup, three cameras, #1interchange #4woodie #5elecamm. With new inclusion of #instudio25 artworks stall of prints & other produce. Assistant Bronz, and visit from the only other box camera practitioner in Malaysia @nurulhudamr. Managed to get a few shots of the booth before it gets chaotic #KantaBoxKamra raising funds for going to Taipei for proposal meetings & return to #KantaBorneo! thank you so many for the support! I lost count of f how many, maybe alot of misses, but a few good prints I hope.


IN THE NEWS: The Focus Widens

The Focus Widens (print 12 August 2017)
Photographer captures Sabah and Sarawak with an unusual camera (online 21 August 2017)
by Qishin Tariq, The Star Newspaper. I missed the article, thanks for pointing it out Huda.



#KantaBorneo Keningau– PHOAS program

Over the two day festivities, JOAS (Indigenous peoples network of Malaysia) organised workshops and programs for awareness and native land rights, empowerment. I've set up the camera and make instant portraits for the participants who come from all around East and West Malaysia.

Camera Setup
with Yusri
Tikio of Alab Lanas
Add caption
Welcoming dancers
official wear
Swear Stone, government's promise 
Instant Portrait Booth
chemical change
Display board, wth map and portrait prints
Portrait prints
Jessie Justin of Kampung Kiau


#KantaBorneo Keningau– Arrival– Village

Short flight over to Kota Kinabalu, volunteering my time for PHOAS, World Indigenous People Day Festival. on a national level being held at Keningau, Sabah. As part of the media team, documenting the events.

rare propellor flight, sunrise over Sabah
Gongs packing
Sarawak has arrived
Team Media
crossing the mountain range
Babi guling, smoked wild board belly
local highway stop

First stop at Tambunan will awaiting from other villages. Program and workshops

Kampung Rantai, Apin-Apin, Tambunan
Welcoming dancers, having their lunch
cooking crew
not without their fermented rice, day drink
welcoming dancers
Calos of Pacos Trust opening speech


#KantaBorneo Miri– Market, Wedding & Family dinner

Visit the local Tamu market, setup the camera to make some portraits. Invited to a long house wedding from a student and family dinner with Sarah Lasung.

Tamu market
Tamu market, main section
Street Tamu
Setup camera, portrait of Uraia Moceleka from Fiji
Handing out portrait to Wan Eng

Invited to attend a wedding at a longhouse

Welcoming party, shotgun
Newly wed
long house party
Family dinner with Sarah
local cuisines
Mama Lasung presents me a necklace


#KantaBorneo Miri – School Visit

Students from the photography club SMK Luar Bandar Miri, a boarding school too for rural communities. I've met outstanding dedication from the photography teacher and students in the interest of learning.

Demonstration and presentation on how light and photography work. Making portraits of a few of them. I wonder how they are doing now.

explaining the physics of light
Students of the final year of school
Huda who was with Teach For Malaysia
School Headmistress
Moses Ding Anyi (right), hope to hear from you

Home schooling in Miri town

small group of students

physics of light


4 groups of students build their own

cardbox cameras

Huda and Sarah Lasung from Teach for Malaysia


#KantaBorneo Miri & Keningau

2nd excursion Miri, Keningau #KantaBorneo visiting Miri, Sarawak and Keningau, Sabah. Just locked down the dates (begin Aug) My first to Sarawak, through Miri. Heading down south west, meeting Teachers and making demonstrations along the way. If we're lucky, join in a Tamu or visit some longhouses too. Huda as my guide. Keningau through JOAS/ PAKOS for Hari Orang Asal/ Indigenous People day #KantaBoxKamra #KantaPortraits #instudio25


South of Miri

Southwest of Kota Kinabalu
headed for the river opening
golf course opposite
fishing village
river edge