First Expedition of the year– Kg Sg Kewa COAC

#KantaPortraits quick report, more pics to follow, when able to. Seemed like a dream. Only managed 8 exposures, travelling time was more than my actually time there. But what a place to be, understanding the deeper discourse of what's actually happening to Malaysia's first people. Sg. Papan, crossing Sg Perak, into the interiors of Sg. Kewa, Temiar tribe. Lost another cap, left my other SD card with Colin. #KantaBoxKamra #1interchange (with the kind support from COAC)

#KantaPortraits what's goes into packing. Kamra #1interchange my most trusty camera, mobile backpack #KantaBoxKamra Box camera, lenses, education kit, chemicals, trays, cloth, lights, flash, light meter, batts, all fits into box. Dark cloth/ jacket, tripod. Maps, GPS unit, water proof digital cameras, one change of clothes. Ready for expedition into the interiors.


New studio space

#KantaPortraits, New Space. have not posted much on this project, but since I returned from Taiwan, I had to pack up the studio, workshop and darkroom to move to a new space. The last 2 weeks I have been busy unpacking and trying to organise a "garage sale" of all unused items from #instudio25. The project has a dedicated space now, although it would take me another month or more before it will be operational as a darkroom #kantaboxkamra #villagebicycleworkshop *note* if you're interested in "garage sale" items, please do drop me a message