ACQUIRE; Old university's equipment

it has been more than 10 years since they've been used, a university's darkroom has long been refitted and equipment put in storage. But after finding out that 40 or more enlargers have been stripped to make temporary art sculptures, the surprised photo lecturer stepped in to try salvage what he could. (thanks Eiffel)

the 4 amigos, loosely a collective, came together to salvage some of it. I personally have enough to start a small darkroom. will showcase more once I've cleaned up the lot.

UPDATE salvaged photographic enlarger from university's store. Meopta Axomat 5, 135 format with filter tray. Enlarger head cleaned, glass and condenser lens cleaned. gears greased, almost ready for use! thanks @eiffelchong for the opportunity. now to fit this in my tiny toilet

Meopta Axomat 5
4 amigoes
large format enlarger


FOUND & ACQUIRED; light ball & glass sheets

Found a landscaping lighting ball, discarded as waste while commuting. was abit dark but translucent, sizeably large which could throw a good image. great for the next experiment i'm attempting. With alot of cleaning and polishing, it should be able to capture a great deal of light.

Acquired a few glass sheets from the "As is" corner of IKEA. discontinued item, sizeable too but abit on the heavy side and think for a ground glass. but nevertheless good to have glass for viewing purposes.

landscape lighting ball
glass sheets


VILES OF GRIT; gift of fellowship

As a token of fellowship, Azril presented me with Viles of Grit at 400 & 600! what's a swell guy!! and me coming from a sandpaper grinding glass plate, this is gold dust!

Thanks dude, so good to have a traditional practitioner and academic calibre like you here


IN THE NEWS: Penang Monthly

IN THE NEWS; Penang Monthly, Kanta gets a mention too. thanks Carolyn for a great write up. sorry for not posting this earlier, published June 2016.

Quite a bold statement, but yes it has always been unknown frontiers and outcomes. Just a drive to do interesting projects.

read the article here http://penangmonthly.com/the-2008-revolution-continues-to-bear-unforeseen-fruits/

Penang Monthly


IN THE NEWS; Back to Basics

The Star Paper, Back to Basics with the 'Kanta' by Pek Mei
read online version here


PURCHASE— Glove & Salt

following some good advice from traditional practitioners, Roger & Mauricio, proper gloves (better than the non-sterile I've been using), and salt.

PURCHASE— Plate Holders

out of just coincidence, met up with Hsien & KB of Arcadia, a store of antiques. Just asked on the off chance if they have any big wooden cameras, and surprise. A box of camera parts, mainly plate holders, camera has been sold off a long time ago, only these parts were left.

after unwrapping a few, I knew I had to also share this experience with others, a great chance to catch up and meet with other enthusiasts as well. a meet up was arranged, unwrapping event and investigative discussion ensued. we were a happy bunch nonetheless. here's to more meetups in future and perhaps, more collaboration.
arcadia antique shop
rear elements
unwrapping with Azril
unwrapping with Mahen