While making a road trip to Klang, revisited the tukang ayan, zinc-craft maker. Bought a 'Ground Carbide Lamp', still used in estates & rural Malaysia, carbide should be easy to find too, which lead into a hunt. The lamp as an alternative as a light source, still going through some test.



Spot this weekend has been confirmed. 19th & 20th Dec, the last Instant Portrait booth of the year!! Awesome Canteen Awegallery event

Thanks for the invite, awe & geng have always been supportive of the project and wanted kanta to be part of their event. We've found a suitable date, and if tests go well the next few days, we'll see the debut of Kamra #2– the fold camera (trainer model). *maximum 30 slots/prints a day





Catalog Photographic Prints

Gan Siong King: The Horror, The Horror photographic prints taken by Kamra #1 for the catalog editions

Gan Siong King: The Horror, The Horror

photographic prints taken by Kamra #1 for the catalog editions

1. widest angle lens, 100mm and at 5 feet height, working on a ladder, processing
2. internal workings, cause of wide angle, focal plane needs to be closer to lense, which then make it right side loading, hard if you're using your left hand
3. choosing the print with Gan
4. the print display




ACQUIRED; FUJINON 150mm f/5.6 Lens + Copal Shutter #0

RM570.00 condition: For parts or not working, “Used. As-is”. Fingers crossed it's working and arrives in time for next market on 19th.

This lens will be used for reproduction, less or no-distortion at this focal length. Frees up the current 100mm lens which can be used on kamra #2 which then can make it's debut too!

UPDATE; Lens and cable release arrives almost an hour of each other. just in time for a shoot. lens looks and feels great, exactly the focal length kamra #1 was built for. It's after the grant period, so the criteria to find lenses locally does not need to be met.

RECOMMENDED Ebay seller 'Very Best Cameras Japan, Naomi Yamada'




24 November 2015— UPDATE; the event was a success, had more than 60 prints, about 80 to 100 people/ portraits taken in two days. Saturday was only open from 2–5pm, where else sunday was 1–7pm. Alot of free prints were given out as well as trade offs. It was great to share the magic of photography and the darkroom all in one, with so many. Completely exhausted at the end of it all. This time on average a positive print copy can be made in 10 mins, with the help of a secondary kamra and reproduction lights. This has made the process much faster and easier to demonstrate.






31 October 2015— KANTA will be here at BAZAAR NEXT DOOR By Art for Grabs & Singapore Makers Association November 21-22, 12pm - 8pm, Boulevard @ Publika. This time raising funds for my own exhibition and of course expanding the library of portraits for Volume 2. more details soon.



REPAIRS; paper box

had to repair the safelight boxes. it does see alot of use in the box, blind. So hence alot of mis-handling. using more durable but stiffer material to link the opening.



After project completion, been trying hard to put together prints for an exhibition. There are planning and budgeting trying to pull off a showcase of the portraits taken. Its proving hard with my limited time and self-funding, but it will come. I'm also trying to expand artistically not only the functionality of the kamra, but my approach to this medium with some explorations. 

pic* arrival of optical filters for some exploration work. also new shelf to house the kamras 3rd Nov; another parcel arrives, this time a flash light meter, sekonic L308DC. time to purchase my own, returned loaned light meter to Vig, thanks a million. studio 25's first ever digital light meter! although no time at the moment to open to test until sometime in December. Till then :)

new flashlight meter– (RM 670)
tricolour separators (RM 250+)
my new shelf rack to store kamras

camera workstation


Additive & Subtractive Methods

been exploring and studying about additive & subtractive methods in terms of producing colour vision. here are some references on theories.


Guerilla Photography Exhibition

Short talk at a media session for the Guerilla Photography Exhibition this Saturday 17 October, 11:30am, Leica Store, Ground Level, Avenue K. Will be showcasing Kamra #1 Interchange, talking about the project briefly and the a short Q&A





BENCHMARK; finally handed in my Grant Report September 2015 after almost two years since was awarded. Brings an end to another major project in my life. However I have a feeling that its just not over yet for these kamras

5th Nov 2015; delivered a printed hardcopy with CD of images to fivearts centre. Last 10%of grant funding released. Project completed. 

#KrishenJitAstroFund #FiveArtsCentre #KantaBoxKamra



Project was invited to be part of an art festival. Managed to capture portraits of more than 15 people within two hours. With the new reproduction lights, it streamlines the process, averaging 10 minutes for entire process. Had a presentation and a nice q&a session after, ending with the inspection of the kamra in detail. this marks the end of all activities with this project. Next comes planning for an exhibition. 

CAFFA, Coffee Art Fringe Festival 2015. the Instant Portrait booth will operate from 3.30-5.30pm at Whitebox, MapKL, Publika. A short talk and Q&A will follow after at 6pm at Blackbox. RM30 a print, all proceeds will go to charity. Debut of Kamra #2 Fold Camera and reproduction lights. 

UPDATE; 11 useable prints out of 13 exposures. Thanks for participation guys, and also the great support, great to see so many of you. we managed to raise RM330, handed this amount to the organisers, which will be donated to a mobile library initiative or UNHCR.










Just completed much needed repair work on #1, #2 and some improvements on #3. making some picture frames from the leftover wood during the sleepy afternoons too. Have been drafting the Grant Report for completion and preparing for another photo booth event soon with photography talk