PHOTO BOOTH; Market day

EVENT; more a 'show & tell' than an Instant Booth, we'll probably only make 5-7 portraits this time round. It's also a training session for a photography-major at handling the Kamra.

Flashback to Analogue, photography event https://m.facebook.com/events/174612536246746/ REPOST @batteryacidclub - Dear all film-photography enthusiasts, Come and join us our next event 'Flashback To Analogue' this coming 27th March, Sunday that embraces the magic of analogue photography. Spend time trading ideas, discuss with fellow analogue photography enthusiasts, or just to expand your collection. Free admission. Everyone welcome!

Huda, apprentice and Kamra-woman in the making! couldn't have done today without you. hope the hands on experience was good practical training. You've got it, now go make that portrait series.

promo poster
promo poster
prepping the sitters
First print is a wild card,
it either comes out really
noisy, but this time I think
this is pretty good. Aiman,
thanks for participating


info sheet

prepared 3 simple infographic, an attempt at explaining the workings of the Kamra. it's meant as an envelope for the print


SAFE DISPOSAL; spent chemicals

To dispose of spent chemicals, about 18 litres worth including wash water. @Bang Bang Geng, thanks for the service!

FYI, chemicals contain metallic substance (silver from the paper), mainly in the fixer. A neutralising agent is introduced and chemical left to brew, silver will 'coagulate' into a gunk like base and removed through filtration. another neutralising process i think before being safe for disposal into greywater (or blackwater) sewage system.

collected a few sets of containers, chem-proof, various sizes for use pre and post process. 100ml, 500ml & 2 litres

about 16 litres spent-chemical

REPAIR; repro arm

needs some repair work and rethinking of the focusing frame. prepping for coming instant booth stint on the 27th this month.

RESTOCK; RC photo paper

9 packs of expired 100s, pearl (matte), RC multigrade 3.5 x 5.5" Photographic paper. that's about 900 prints, should last me for awhile

thanks to @Bang Bang geng for keeping an eye out for me


IN THE FIELD: Peta/ Selai Endau Rompin

IN THE FIELD; June 2015, while looking through the archives for images for a press article, came upon this picture from an expedition into the interiors of Selai, Endau Rompin, Johor Parks. first few attempt at taking scenery with the kamra. 

thanks to sumei for the pic