Awarded– Emerging Artist Fund CENDANA

Cultural Economy Development Agency Awarded the Emerging Artist Incubation Fund Programme #EAIFP 2018 by #CendanaMalaysia. Some much needed support for #KantaPortraits to get to fringes of Borneo. Enough to almost fund two trips to Sarawak. Much planning ahead, estimate 1st & 2nd quarter next year #KantaBorneo #KantaTaiwan #KantaBoxKamra — in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thanks Koonyik for accepting the award on the project's behalf.


Print station at OCAC

back in Taipei, Setup mobile print station, enlargements with #8intrepid #mobiledarkbox #KantaPortraits preparing for next expedition to "outer" Taipei in the coming week. Native communities in urban areas

print station

#KantaTaiwan new addition

test prints, enlargements


Day 5– Lanyu Island

[1] pigs to slaughter, celebration in the village. [2] Fengayan farewell. [3] Boat ride back to Taitung. Night exhibition, night market.

[1] pigs to slaughter

[2] Fengayan farewell

[3] Boat ride


Day 4– Lanyu Island

[1] Farming help in the morning, [2] Fengayan interview lunch, [3] farm SESSION #1. [4] Full load on a scooter, two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid. how we roll on Lanyu #ScootTaiwan. [5] Museum meet & SESSION #1. [6] Chia hui Uncle and Grandpa meetup and interview-workshop. Grandpa/ uncle SESSION #8.

1 Farm help

[2] Fengayan lunch

[3] farm SESSION #1
[4] Full load scooter

[5] Museum meet

[5] Museum session
[5] Museum session

[6] Uncle and Grandpa workshop

[6] workshop session


Day 3– Lanyu Island

[1] Boat detail #Tao tribe of Dongqing Village, Lanyu (Orchid) Island. [2] Morning swim buddies, checking out the boats, still with much traditional way of building @ Lanyü, Taiwan. [3] In the field, taro. Family ancestral plots.

[4] In the field, one the furthest reach of Taiwan, on an island field, we met a man who laid the foundations of modern Taiwan left wing movement #whiteterror journalist photographer, activist and farmer Shiyaman Peter Knight Fengayan, Communist rebels of Philippines... I need to listen to the recordings and translation.

#Reflection Complex social circumstances, with cultural ties beyond man-made borders #Batanes, inter village, let alone with "mainland" Taiwan. Culture unbecomes in the act of definition, much like a portrait captures but a singular refraction, of an image in time #PredicamentofCulture #UndefiningIdentity #cendanamalaysia

[5] chia hui uncle night SESSION #1, [6] mcafe 8x10 SESSION #8

[7] met with a historian/ writer, elder and retired pastor, Siyapen Lamolan (董森永) of the South West village, 漁人部Iratay (Hongtou) Village. His book on Tao's Annual Culture, Ceremonies and Tradition.

Boat detail

Boat detail

Boat detail

[7] met with a historian
[2] Morning swim buddies

[3] In the field

[4] In the field

[4] In the field

[4] In the field

[5] chia hui uncle

[5] chia hui uncle

[5] chia hui uncle

[6] mcafe

[6] mcafe

[6] mcafe


Day 2– Lanyu Island

Arrived on #Lanyu island #ScootTaiwan. Flight cancelled took ferry, puke twice... Wind strong, waves extra high... Ugh... But now am Scooting my own bike round island, recceing some beautiful sites, I would want to make landscapes. It's really windy and sea spray everywhere

#KantaTaiwan made it to #Lanyu Orchid Island on the southern tip of Taiwan. It's feels like the most beautiful end of the world place, beginning of time. Beautiful people and culture. Managed to make a few portraits last night, had no water, pipes burst!!! Had to make rounds to squeeze water (grapefruit juice included) about 130ml from non- alcoholic, acidic or alkalic liquid to make the chemicals. GrapeFruit pulps included! #KantaPortraits on a study trip of #BeyondBorders #PortraitsfromtheedgesofMalaysia #EdgesofMalaysia Our #Austronesian origin, where we are from #WesternMalayoPolynesian

Tour of Airport, all flights cancelled

5am on weather clearance

Pack, baggage load

bye bye taitung

top deck

sea got really rough, instructed to get in

land hoe!


scoot buddies

Lanyu, Orchid Island

traditional house visit

kick off night session amy 
night performance

doing the dance


2nd expedition– Taitung Day 0 & Day 1

#KantaTaiwan Taipei Main Station, backpack luggage, two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid. Heading down South/ South east by train to Taitung, then fly to Lanyu Island, boat back to Taitung and return. Two destination, recce and study trip. Two from #OCACtw Shih-Tung Lo & Rikey Chen, Posak Jodian collaboration artist, and Philippines artist/ researcher, Marika B. Constantino and artist Ling Quisumbing Ramilo. it's a crowd heading down #KantaPortraits

Taipei Train Puyuma

Hello Kitty Train

the eastern mountain range

arrived, raining, ready

graveyard by the sea

road to the beach

black sand beach

visitor center

meeting with east coast festival

the east coast taiwan