2nd expedition– Taitung Day 0 & Day 1

#KantaTaiwan Taipei Main Station, backpack luggage, two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid. Heading down South/ South east by train to Taitung, then fly to Lanyu Island, boat back to Taitung and return. Two destination, recce and study trip. Two from #OCACtw Shih-Tung Lo & Rikey Chen, Posak Jodian collaboration artist, and Philippines artist/ researcher, Marika B. Constantino and artist Ling Quisumbing Ramilo. it's a crowd heading down #KantaPortraits

Taipei Train Puyuma

Hello Kitty Train

the eastern mountain range

arrived, raining, ready

graveyard by the sea

road to the beach

black sand beach

visitor center

meeting with east coast festival

the east coast taiwan