Kochi– Day 10

Day 10, Downtown Kochi City centre, last day of the project. We are collaborating with [8] Mirai Science Center and their Sunday event (thank you for all the support!). [4] Setting up our cameras as a portrait booth and display [3]. In conjunction with the Sunday Market in town, it's beaming with life, people of Kochi City filling the streets, [1] young family of six, daytime exposure, strong sunlight, challenge to make a print. [2] Mitsu is a wonder, strong and headfast, she walks really fast even with the heavy #HakoKamera/ box camera, she is so important to Kochi's future, be it creatively or otherwise, the generation to create the link. [6] She gets her portrait drawn by Kochi resident caricature artist. [5] I made a portrait of a young boy, whose name happened to be Kanta as well, Hello! :) [7] And that's (almost) the end of our project, as we close down the booth. We still have much work ahead of us, [9] Mitsu is now quite fluid with my Kamra #1interchange, as we close down our exhibition today, still making portraits of walk-ins, [10] there are so many artists in Kochi. And such a great support group. Beautiful family here :) 

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Day 10 just as we're about to head out. Now we carry everything in one trip. We dropped the red bucket too after. Efficiently just box camera & tripod. Picture by Sono Aida, thank you for all the help over the weekend


Kochi– Workshop

Last workshop & session in Kochi. Today at the art centre, we'll be having a workshop, demonstration and portrait session. https://web.facebook.com/events/738282893174748/


会場は自分のスタジオなので、しばらく展示しっぱなしにするかもしれません。笑 期間中、夕方からしか開けてなかったので、もし昼間やったらいきたかったと思われた方いらっしゃったら、ご連絡いただければあけておきます。




Kochi– Mountain couple

Our favourite mountain couple from Odoshi, Kami, came to pay us a visit at our closing presentation. Bearing gifts of Yuzu. They inspire me so much, making the leap of moving to the country side. I still have that dream of living the simple life, out in the country 💓

Kochi– Day 9

Day 9, the weekend is here, we have the exhibition open whole day, and we're full up with visitors. [2] Making portraits of Mitsu's parents who arrived fashionably on bicycles! [3] Walk-ins, portrait session and walkthrough our small exhibit. [4] Session with the people at 午後高知市内藁工ミュージアム Warakoh Soko Museum. In conjunction with their exhibition and workshop. [5] Japan isn't complete without their superheroes, these two [1] who are part of a waste and upcycling campaign are champions in their own league, [10] community organisers creating awareness and programs, much respect for their work. [6] We've become a pretty efficient team, now our bare equipment is just down to the box cameras and tripods. [7] It's our closing presentation, where we report on our preliminary findings and reflections. [8] We had a full house, didn't count but we ran out of seating space. [9] Gifts from our travels (missing the yuzu extract drink) they always gave in pairs. We have two art pieces to prepare, to be used for exhibit in Sukumo and a book cover for the Kochi Novel. Thank you everyone for the great support, Kochi feels like a home to me 

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Kochi– Box Kamera Laboratory

President Mitsubishi and only staff Sony, honorable member, Jefferinosan. Box Kamera Unite Kochi. Self-portrait! #KantaKochi #BoxKameraLabo Box Kamera Laboratory

Koch– Day 8

Day 8, Kochi West, Sukumo, furthest west we will ever be. To meet up with another [1] researcher and project coordinator. Working with the community on developing walking tours. Day starts real early, about six, sun does rise early here, [2] mitsu waiting for me at my favourite joint. It's a two hour drive through the country, [3] portside [4] mist in the morning sun and the [5] open Pacific Ocean I've yet to touch. [6] the community is out in force as we start our session at the centre, recording stories and making portraits. [7] most efficient setup now, installed and carried to site, positive prints now possible in two minutes! Meeting [8] some organisers from the Sukumo walking tour group, at their local meeting. [9] @Sonoaida arrives to lend us a hand over the weekend, as we finalise the last two days of exhibit and fieldwork. [10] As west as this city is, this is the furthest east I've ever been. Glimpse into life of the people here. As sugar was a luxury, this historical trading port town sugar coats every meal. It extends to their hospitality too 

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Kochi– Day 7

Day 7 we headed to a design school, it was a special day for the students as they were about to graduate. Class of 21 students got their portraits taken professionally in costume, where else I did instant portrait prints for them. It was great to see and hear from the youth of Kochi city, still vibrant and energetic, there are many opportunities and something that is uniquely #kochian. [1] the youth had great energy, and was really inquisitive, asking many questions in English. [2] The class, [3] negative prints, [4] prints of whole class with teachers, [5] demonstration. [6] our usually morning packing procedure. [7 & 8] the people's truck, my favourite for a while now. It's the most utilitarian vehicle here, most of them 4wd, if I ever get an automobile again, it'll be this truck. [9] I've pondered many times, in family mart, and I've finally gotten the Kochi year 2019 organiser, a new phase in my life to steer me. [10] Macha, my new japanese "boyfriend" from all the teasing 

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Kochi Shimbun– in the news

In the Kochi Shimbun newspaper with @mitsu_maeda. We have a presentation and workshop on the weekend. As we bring a close to the project and exhibition, I feel we've started something bigger. Mitsu is inheriting a big responsibility!

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箱カメラに写す「高知の人」 外国人写真家と高知市で2人展

それぞれの自作の箱カメラと共に立つジェフリー・リム=右=と前田実津 (高知市南はりまや町1丁目)

マレーシアと高知市の写真家・前田実津の2人 11/18まで
マレーシアから高知を訪れた写真家・アーティストのジェフリー・リムと、同じく写真家の前田実津=高知市=が、アナログの手作り箱カメラで撮影したポートレートを並べる「インスタント KANTA ポートレート」が、高知市南はりまや町1丁目のエムフォトスタジオで開かれている。11月18日まで。


Kochi– Day 6

Day 6 we start heading west, TosaCity [1] meeting a young farmer, Morisawa, who's making Buntang his life. Apart from growing the common Yuzu, this [2] pomelo like fruit came here from South East Asia, Malaysia/ Indonesian region. Uniquely from #kochian, it is a cross-breed with local varieties. [3] In the field, making portraits of the and his proud work. [4] The boot of our car is starting to become a mobile darkroom. [5] On the way back, we stop over a retired shopkeeper, Kenjisan, making a portrait [6]. Ginger farming is in harvest, and the countryside is full of fieldwork harvesting ginger, Yuzu and many other fruits before winter sets in. [7] Quick stop at the used store to get extra lights for the exhibition, wow, many stuff I could use to make cameras here. [8] we have some official visits, most importantly from the art council on a review of our work. [9] Most heartwarming was the visit from hunter, Kumosan, and Yasuko, bearing gifts of local cake and my favourite mochi! [10] Portrait of Yasuko, doing important work, rebuilding rural communities. Mitsu and I feel is the overall theme of our project, migration, identity, sense of belonging 

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