Kochi– Day 1

Day 1 Hunter Ogawa, memory collector Seafront Seikosan #KantaPortraits Box Kamera Laboratory with Mitsu Maeda. *note: no time to write indepth story, running around everyday #KantaKochi #KantaJapan #KochiArtFestival #KochiArtFestival2018 #KochiArtProjects #KochiArtProjects2018

#KantaKochi The hunter and his outpost, close to Ogawa. The mountains of Aki #KantaPortraits taking portrait. 撮影してきました。今は会場に戻って展示用プリント中。20時までおります!!! Box Kamera Laboratory #KantaJapan #KochiArtFestival #KochiArtFestival2018 #KochiArtProjects #KochiArtProjects2018

hunter in his cabin
Mitsu making title

both cameras
jeff putting title
Mitsu on our first field trip
Mitsu doing field recordings
Seikosan, thrift shop owner


Kanta in Japan

7 November
#KantaKochi All packed, I've recently started marking my bags to help me identify it easier at conveyor belts and in the field. Taken from the first prototype #1interchange the tilted lens board. It's now turning into some sort of mark. All the marks are based on actual lens board sizes and diameter #KantaBoxKamra #KantaPortraits #KantaJapan #KochiArtFestival #KochiArtFestival2018 #KochiArtProjects #KochiArtProjects2018

4 November
#KantaJapan with Mitsu Maeda coming November

あと1ヶ月にせまってきた高知での写真展、インスタントKANTAポートレート!マレーシアの箱カメラマスター、Jeffreyを招いての展示です。DMに載せ忘れてますが、基本昼はJeffreyと、県内各所で箱カメラを使って撮影し、日が落ちたら展示会場に戻りその日撮影分を展示していく関係上、平日は17-20時がギャラリーのあいてる時間になります。土日は作家2人は在廊してませんが、11時からあけておくつもりです。 @ Kochi, Kochi

direct mailer F
direct mailer B


Booth– Urbanscapes

PESTA LORONG HANG KASTURI with Urbanscapes. Get your Instant portrait print on Silver Resin-Coated paper using a self-made box camera. Kanta Portraits will set up for one day only, November 4th, 11am-7pm. Only Kamra #1interchange will be available at 3.5x5.5" size


Saturday Portraits– Nov

3rd November 2018, 11am to 7pm #SatPort

GET YOUR INSTANT PORTRAITS on Silver Gelatin Resin-coated paper using a self-made box camera. Inspired from century old techniques & practices, this process is entirely manual.

An amalgamation of both the camera & the darkroom, #KantaBoxKamra is now available one Saturday of every month at Room 203 café at Publika, Jalan Duta.

In collaboration with Bang Bang Geng and support from Room 203, Saturday Portraits is a fundraising and awareness initiative on the portraiture project and the artform.