Studio Workshop Move

it'll take a few months before the studio workshop will be operational again. But to more space and dedicated area, bye bye sri hartamas, hello studio workshop KL.


Art for grabs: Laundromat Love, PJ

KANTA portraits last Photo Session for the year with Art For Grabs: Laundromat of Love, collecting portraits & fund-raising for next trips to #KantaBorneo and #KantaTaiwan. Selling off my film camera collection too, to purchase a lightweight 8x10 field camera, replacing the heavy 10x12 for field work. *only 1 camera will be available #1interchange for the session. Maps and some prints will be on display. (An instant portraits service printed on Silver Gelatin paper).

Art For Grabs: Laundromat of Love

Booth Setup
Exhibition booklet
Event banner
artist proof


Reference; 8x10 field camera builds

The potential of printing large portraits is great, although 10x12" is not the best size for photopaper (need to get 20x24" cut down by hand), and weight limit on flights (to rural interiors of 20kg). This makes it almost impossible to bring along as support camera for studio setup. No time to build own lightweight update, so it's best to look into acquiring lightweight 8x10 field camera, replacing the heavy 10x12 for certain field work.

WoodyMan 8x10"- France
810€ (RM4,000)
Caractéristiques techniques
Poids : 3,3kg
Matériaux : peuplier-bouleau, aluminium, visserie inox-plastique
Extension : 69 mm / 600 mm
Mouvements :
front tilt : uniquement limité par le soufflet
front swing : uniquement limité par le soufflet
front shift : -/+65mm
Rise : 75 mm
Fall : 60 mm
Back tilt : -/+ 30°
Back swing : -/+ 20°
Dimensions du boîtier fermé :
Longueur : 365mm
Largeur : 315 mm / 360 mm (avec les boutons)
Hauteur : 99,5 mm
Dimensions de la planchette objectif : planchette Sinar
Diamètre du trou : Copal 3 ou sur mesure (inclus)
Montage trépied : 2 trous de fixation 3/8″ + adaptateur 1/4″
/!\ Le boitier est fourni sans objectif. /!\
/!\ Photos non contractuelles, de par sa fabrication artisanale, le produit peut différé.  /!\

woodyman- france
woodyman- france

woodyman- france

woodyman- france

Intrepid 8x10"- England
£480 (RM2,700)
Max bellows extension: 560mm
Min bellows extension: 60mm
Max Front Rise/Fall: + 70mm / - 60mm
Max Front Shift: +/- 60mm
Max Front Tilt +/- 50º
Max Front Swing +/- 50º
Rear Tilt - 35º / + 90º
Folded Dimensions: 295x295x75 mm
Weight: 2.15Kg / 4.7lb
Sinar lens board compatible
Tripod Mount 1/4” and 3/8”
The camera comes with a high quality ground glass screen with a 1/2” Grid
All the cameras are lovingly made by hand in our little workshop in Brighton on the south coast.

Intrepid 8x10"- England
Intrepid 8x10"- England

Intrepid 8x10"- England
Intrepid 8x10"- England


Kuala Lumpur Biennale 2017

Kanta Portrait wall 2014-2017, the first piece I've made of the project. I have been working on this concept for a couple of years now, collecting cans (i've eaten most of it), but in the last 3 weeks before i left for Taiwan, i had to complete this in a mad rush. This panel consists of 67 cans, portraits of 85 people, taken from 2014 to 2017 in Malaysia, from the Northern Belum forest, to East Malaysia of people from all around Borneo. There is a deeper discourse, but i'll leave it as it is, visually. The exhibit is up from today till the 31st March 2018. So catch it when you can.

Jeffrey JC Lim / Dinding Potret Kanta 2014-2017
Hand-print on Silver Resin Coated paper, aluminium & steel food cans, bottle caps, mounted on oxidised zinc panel / 1975 x 503 x 135 mm / 2017 (67 cans, 85 people)



Taiwan Research– Week 3 open studio OCAC

#KantaTaiwan to future collaborations with Posak Jodian, hope to come back soon

Open Studio OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站 was a full day, inviting one or two neighbours (before the word spread around), lovely people, with Selv Grass / Luc making a few portraits too. great way of having a short conversation with the community and sitters who came from afar. language is no barrier.

Open Studio OCAC
Instant Portrait
Her little stall opposite OCAC
first time meeting Eden Lee
Portrait by Luc Chen and her box camera!


Taiwan Research– Week 2-3 Studio 94

World Press Photo Exhibition studio 94, Taipei 玉溪有容教育基金會 The Thermos Foundation

School year 2 & 3 junior high on the magic of photography, Physics of light, chemistry, where science & art meets. Impromptu demonstration and conversations on the photography project exploration into Taiwan

Yesterday's revisit to Studio 94, meeting up with the team, giving them special time to make their portraits :)

World Press Photo
World Press Photo
World Press Photo
World Press Photo
School year 2 & 3 junior high
School year 2 & 3 junior high
Studio 94 revisit


Taiwan Research– Week 2 Taichung, Lin Photo

Was invited to Taichung to be part of LINs PHOTO STUDIO - 林.照相館 weekend event at Taichung art & culture center at a converted factory. The only other Kamra practitioner here in Taiwan. He organised a building workshop last year too! Amazing hospitality and beautiful people of Taichung, a great photography community he is building here. much love!

Train ride to Taichung
Sunday Market
Box Camera family Taichung
Talk Presentation
Lin Photo Studio


Taiwan Research– Week 2 Halfway & Xioabitan

Much has happened, trying hard to keep up with posting pictures of the events. Here is our first meet up photo session with Selv Grass, Taipei own version of the box camera (similar to Afghan, but so much smaller, how is that possible?!). At Halfway Café, KANTA portraits with Dubbing PHOTO - 左偏影像 at our first instant portrait session together in Taipei

Kanta meets Kah lin
Luc with her box camera
trying out #1interchange
Luc's dark box
Taiwan portrait signage
Settlements in the city, exploring some leads, meet & greet with Luc as my collaborator... was a great evening meeting some native locals

local MRT
collaboration with luc at xiaobitan


Taipei Research– Week 1 Lightbox

Lightbox攝影圖書室 Lightbox Library, one of Taipei's finest independent photography front, photobook resource center and library. Had the privilege to meet Liang, talk politics over a great Hakka dinner. submitted the first catalogue booklet for the library too!

lightbox library
lightbox library
tea with Liang-Pin on the rooftop
VOP Voices of Photography Taiwan, most unique


Taipei Research– Week 1

my first print in Taipei! (outside of KL too!) with #5elecamm #10x12. Also did a print with #1interchange. Limited internet (self-imposed), reading, contemplation & writing, my short research residency with @ocac_tw is off to a great start. Sick when landed, recuperated and ready for the coming week

Kanta人像攝影:林猷進在台灣的攝影倡議 KANTA Portraits: Jeffrey Lim's photography
OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站 https://web.facebook.com/events/354909104962210/

Opening presentation
small exhibit
first work with Luc Chen

pack cameras, weighed and compacted. bringing 2 cameras to Taiwan, #1interchange and #5elecamm although i can't bring my surveyor's tripod, too big and too heavy. now in total about 40 prints for 10x12" and about 200 prints for 3X5". this is my biggest travel pack, weighing in just about 28kg with luggage. that leaves about 2kg for clothes...

Hello Taipei! maybe some other parts of Taiwan too in the next few weeks

hello taipei 

native occupy 100 days and counting

OCAC talk presentation