Taiwan Trip July 2018- 1st log

1. Taiwan 2nd leg, residency at OCAC Taipei. Check-in luggage just below limit at 29kg. bringing along two cameras loads.

2. Touchdown Taipei, taking the local express train to Taipei main city station. NT160 only about an hour ride. three luggages at about 40+ kg.

3. Arrival OCAC http://ocac.com.tw/ residency and program for a month long. will be travelling for most part, to the east and south, Lanyu Island, Hualien, Taitung. But this will serve as my base.

4. Dinner at red light district of Taipei, visit the local auctioneer and safevan, one seater.

5. Reunion with Luc Chen, visit the exhibition and check out the space. #ScootTaiwan reunion meetup with Luc studio visit and joint exhibition.

1. 29 kg
2. arrived taipei
3. OCAC welcoming party
4. Auction House
4. one seater van
5. Reunion with Luc
6. Kanta extension exhibition


Protection Amulet

#1interchange gets its new protection amulet #ikanpuyu #ikanKaruk #climbingperch fish (#AnabasTestudineus), wards off evil according to local practises and beliefs. So far all my earlier cameras have been safe. need to install on #5elecamm #6spherecamm #7bilikobscura #8intrepid


2nd leg– Taiwan with OCAC

2nd leg into Taiwan Art Residency and Kanta Portraits expedition with OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站 (July 2018). Heading to Eastern coastal region. I missed Lanyu (Orchid Island) during the 1st leg, but this trip it will be the first objective. Austronesian– Western Malayo Polynesian, direct links to the entire region's nautical communities. Other cities and native communities, Taitung, Hualien, Xindian. Collaborating with local native artist Posak, docu-filmmaker. Hopefully be able to research more at #TIPRC the resource center in Taipei too. Will be attempting to do some filming too in addition to audio recording.

4 areas of visit

Lanyu– southern island


#1interchange– changing outer shell, upgrades

(1) #1interchange camera, gets a new outer shell. The old one, about 5 years old, has seen its days. Doing some upgrades in the new one, but no time to develop a new version just yet. Be travelling for next few months and need it to work consistently. More pics soon if I can manage

(2) Making of the front standard. Deciding which coins to use, #amulets; Taiwan, Brasil, Malaysia & Australia where I hope to bring this project in the far future. I would love to use China, Indonesia, Philippines too, but I don't have those currency nor have I visited those countries yet (China yes).

(3) Hello new shell #1interchange and a few upgrades. Hopefully it will last another 5 years. I should build a newer version, but no time to develop. Maybe next year.

(1) left new, right old
(1) rusting through
(2) Amulets Installed
(2) clockwise brasil, australia, malaysia, taiwan
(2) folded inside
(2) cutout shape
(2) cutting sheet steel
(3) New outer shell with a few upgrades
(3) Inner coating pvc glue
(3) to draw a circle....


#8intrepid– repair & upgrade

#8intrepid camera, gets an upgrade. Removable bellows to expand the functionality of this camera (explain more when I get around to that). Rotated the bellows since it's off-centred to better zero down the camera. Change one of the baseboard screw mounts to an E-nut, the current ones were coming out.

*NOTE; after closely inspecting the standards, the ply are quite warped, probably due to the heat and high humidity of the tropics and exposure to the environment here. I'll need to give it a good coating. Any suggestions?

rear standard

added wooden framing
detail, before painting


Repair, materials

(1) Currently working on the tripod central column base, which is loose. Manfrotto 055proxb post 2015 model, is pretty bad design flaw. No wonder they changed a few years after. Many other user online having similar issues. Sawed off to get the available tool wrench to tighten base. No time to do the manfrotto service rubbish here. Leave for Taiwan in a week.

(2) #8intrepid 8x10 film back is not very well made. The ply is not the best material when routed so thin. It's very weak at the joints. Both film back had the corners easily coming off. Structurally it's not sound. Repair made to the last of the 2. I did extensive repair work on the first previously. Ply also warped quite badly.

(3) Delivery of photo paper, it's RM 261 (±NT 1,960) which is almost half the price than what I can get in Taiwan. Thanks Shriro for the support. Can only afford 100 sheets (box) for now.


Wutai portraits Exhibition

Luc (Dubbing PHOTO - 左偏影像) will be putting up an exhibition of the works we did in Wutai. 雙展覽| KANTA portraits 霧臺 - 自語 /___ 城市淨灘 - 踏拾. The first photo expedition for Kanta Portraits into Taiwan. People of Taiwan, be sure to catch it.

| KANTA portraits 霧臺 - 自語
來自馬來西亞Jeffrey J C Lim (林猷進)和臺灣的 Selv Grass(陳姿華)於今年五月底回到姿華的故鄉,位於屏東霧台鄉的魯凱部落,執行 KANTA portraits計畫及家庭連結的訪談,過程中除了使用自製相機拍攝影像外,關於每一個遇到的家人和訪談中的故事開始拼湊串聯,故事以外的語句開始積累,各種關於生活方式、身分認同的思索和疑問,在影像之外緩緩流動顯像。
< With Support from Studio94 / 玉溪有容教育基金會 the thermos foundation >
| 城市淨灘 - 踏拾
June Lee於今年開始執行的【城市淨灘.公園曬像】行動,踏訪了藝術家自己生活的社區環境,並透過地區導覽在影像背後堆疊著瞭解和認識,本次展呈並非成果式的發表,而是將撿拾的步行移動之間,思緒的串流和環境意識的感受予以階段式的表現。透過『 踏拾 』的呈現,整理接下來的城市淨灘活動,並持續思考環境和影像交匯的可能。
展覽時間:13am - 17pm / 周二至周日
6.16 - 6. 30 ( 6.23 - 6.30 採預約參觀 )
░ 6.23 - 6.30 採【預約】參觀,請提前詢問確認參觀時段。
展出地點: 囗囗 空場 Polymer

#KANTA #Wutai #portraits #identity #Taiwan #Malaysia #霧台 #城市淨灘 #藍曬 #台灣

exhibition booklet


Closing 1st leg Residency

Bye Taiwan, I'll see you again soon, I left some parts of my heart behind.

Bye Taiwan, Thank you Studio 94 (top right area)

team wutai


Projections– Reliefs and figurines

Some of the reliefs and figurines found throughout the village, nearly every expose bare wall would have a representation. Mostly done by both sons of Samelenge and the late Legend of Wutai.

relief and painting, hunters returning with the catch

modernist portrayal of women

school wall

ritual dancing- Rukai Cultural Museum

random house, drink

painting of traditional housing

simplistic portrait painting

portrait painting

portrait painting


Presentation– Brief Expedition Summary

#KantaTaiwan TALK/ Brief Project Summary— 5th June Garden91草山玉溪 / Studio94 玉溪有容教育基金會 The Thermos Foundation 1st leg study trip to Wutai, Pingtung in collaboration with Luc Chen, Dubbing PHOTO - 左偏影像. Presented our preliminary research findings, reflections and collaboration. Sharing our exchange & self-development. Selected Portraits and audio recordings on exhibit, with supporting pictures and writeup (one-night only). Open darkroom demonstration after #KantaPortraits #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia #Studio94tw thank you project manager Hsiao-Ting Tsai.

Hsia-Ting giving an introduction

Brief Project Summary
Prints on exhibit

Prints with supporting pictures, reading & QR code for audio

other prints on exhibit

main exhibition, demonstration

darkroom technique demonstration