BENCHMARK; finally handed in my Grant Report September 2015 after almost two years since was awarded. Brings an end to another major project in my life. However I have a feeling that its just not over yet for these kamras

5th Nov 2015; delivered a printed hardcopy with CD of images to fivearts centre. Last 10%of grant funding released. Project completed. 

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Project was invited to be part of an art festival. Managed to capture portraits of more than 15 people within two hours. With the new reproduction lights, it streamlines the process, averaging 10 minutes for entire process. Had a presentation and a nice q&a session after, ending with the inspection of the kamra in detail. this marks the end of all activities with this project. Next comes planning for an exhibition. 

CAFFA, Coffee Art Fringe Festival 2015. the Instant Portrait booth will operate from 3.30-5.30pm at Whitebox, MapKL, Publika. A short talk and Q&A will follow after at 6pm at Blackbox. RM30 a print, all proceeds will go to charity. Debut of Kamra #2 Fold Camera and reproduction lights. 

UPDATE; 11 useable prints out of 13 exposures. Thanks for participation guys, and also the great support, great to see so many of you. we managed to raise RM330, handed this amount to the organisers, which will be donated to a mobile library initiative or UNHCR.










Just completed much needed repair work on #1, #2 and some improvements on #3. making some picture frames from the leftover wood during the sleepy afternoons too. Have been drafting the Grant Report for completion and preparing for another photo booth event soon with photography talk