Presentation: Realities Asian Photography Month

Kanta Portraits– Realities Asian Photography Month July 2017
autoplay presentation of 3 minutes, audio was required, exported as video file! first time i've ever prepared a presentation like so, i must be so obsolete.


Foma photo papers

14 Jul
#20x24 #foma photo paper, testing out a different brand, still RC paper #resincoated but included some FB paper #fiberbased to test some positive prints #kantaportraits #kantaboxkamra #instudio25 thanks Foma Malaysia

13 Jul
tonight's pickup, foma from Chech Rep. testing out other alternative from an independent distributor Foma Malaysia! tomorrow expecting delivery for #20x24



IN THE MEDIA; Meet your Makers

short video on 'Meet your Makers' featuring the building aspect of the cameras. shot during the recent exhibition where i've set up the biggest build so far #7BilikObscura. great chance that they were there to document it! thanks Daily Rojak team!


Build; Shelf/ worktable

new shelf & table unit for kanta. the fourth shelving work table I have for the project. I need more shelves


New stock arrives

new fresh stock arrives, replenish my old "expired" "discounted-price" stock. RM$2,000++ worth of photo chemicals & papers, and I still haven't bought #20x24 for my large prints! (that's another 2grand!) no more cheap rates, people of KL, sorry :( also this means I've done more than a thousand prints! that's perhaps 500 portraits #KantaPortraits ok it's getting very serious now!
10 boxes 3.5 x 5.5" (100pc) RC gloss about RM 800
1 box 20 x 24" (15pc) FB art paper RM900
5 liter MultiDev RM200
5 liter Ilfo fix RM200