Taiwan Week 2– Wutai

On the eagle’s nest lookout point. ancestral hunting grounds of the Rukai tribe, Wutai mountain range / Sit here, beside the tree, on the cliff, of eagle’s nest / Making a portrait out in the field / Eagle comes close to check us out / Majestic mountain range, southern Taiwan, Pingtung, Wutai / He said it was an easy trail, just a walk. when we arrived, he said if you fall on either side, it is bye bye / Setting up a trap, it’s a modern trap, but the reading of the trails are still important. we caught a monkey... / Just before the Ali pass, we are going off the beaten track, onto ancestral hunting grounds / Ride along the mountain pass / Return to Wutai / Evening tea with Peresang, on the ending of the project / Presenting the portraits and the project from Taiwan / Three artists, one designer, making some artwork / Natural lightbox / Wutai village is filled with figurative representation of man, their culture and heritage. I’m glad to leave my mark, as a trained graphic designer on the walls too. My mark unfortunately much more generic, the international ASA standard for man and woman... toilet sign (directional signage) / Making portrait for the hunter and his wife, in their family’s home / Finding our picnic ground, on a dried up creek, it’s the dry season here / I have a porter / Looking for a shot / The project sign has an interesting meaning in Taiwan / Ah Chung in 一隻鳥仔哮啾啾 Such is Life (1997) directed by Chang Chi-Yung / Such a sad film from Taiwan, iconic patch. Such a coincidence I’m watching this film now / The healing patch that works magic! Such as your Kamra! / Looking for the shot / Framing the shot / First landscape attempt / My most favourite truck! / Grandpa, inspecting his fields / Stories of old village grounds, hunting, monoliths, cultural traditions & oral history / One family, one village, inter-generational link / Watching ‘Mission Impossible 3’ by Grandpa who himself does mission impossible (hunting legend, proof above the television) / Stop over at Linali, a government resettlement program, three tribes, rows of uniform, fabricated houses, small allotment of garden beds


Taiwan– Week 1– Taipei

First portrait of the year, taken by Luc, my first experience of the emerging self. Luc learning the latest technique. lil elephant, taipei made large format camera. 198 ギャラリー CAFE. reverse relief printing, japan cultural technique. new wheels inspiration for future trips over land. project KMTX meeting, Kanta Malaysia-Taiwan Exchange planning meeting for April 2019. new inspiration for new generation camera. this would be the 4th generation material. my mind is racing now on how to build this new, improved and more versatile version. meetup with curator 南方以南 the Hidden South. dinner is here, bubble tea is not. kiss the dumpling she said. dinner with curators and festival programmers. impromptu presentation. installation work for 印予召准 / GDR Service 10 locations throughout taipei. quick meet with Fablab Dynamic on future collaborations. My new camera has arrived, concept camera OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站. film back arrives. new concept camera, modification and taking it apart for field use.