A photography art project that varied from camera building, to print-making, to social exchanges and research on the concepts of identity. The project is named ‘Kanta’ which means lens in malay. Kanta as a metaphor on the projection of an image, but also as a way of seeing, different lenses/ filters that affects the image, the way we see.

The project has gone through two main phases, namely:– Kanta Box Kamra, camera-building, exploration of techniques & engagements; and Kanta Portraits, research and field trips to communities, exploring the concepts of identity and the state.

Jeffrey Lim 林猷進  /  Jeffrey J C Lim has travelled to numerous communities in East and West Malaysia, and Taiwan. He has also resided in several research residencies and participated in several exhibitions in Taiwan and Japan. He has ended his field trips in mid 2019 to start reflecting and explore ways of expressing his understanding.

2020– Kanta / Jeffrey Lim Reflection, collaboration and forms of expression– Collecting notes and archiving prints, reflecting on the journey. Research and explore ways to express the understanding, collaborating with other artists and using other mediums. Developing new box cameras concepts and techniques for production and workshops.

2017–2019 Kanta Portraits Exploring identity through culture & state– Beyond borders; portraits from the edges of Malaysia. The project has evolved into a research and portraiture series. Building of new concept cameras & processes beyond the Kamra Box. Travelling with the mobile photo-studio between urban & rural area of east, west Malaysia and Taiwan. link to 2017-2019 description

2012–2015  Kanta Box Kamra Experiencing the living form of photography. Grant duration; July 2014 till July 2015. Building box cameras inspired from the Afghan Box Camera Project and later the Brazillian Lambe-lambe. This phase also hoped to capture unique portraits and insight of Malaysian society. link to 2012-2015 description

List of grants, collaboration, organisation and support from (full list of supporters)
2020 National Theatre and Concert Hall, Taipei
2020 Mobility Fund Programme, CENDANA
2020 Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), Taipei

2018-19 Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme, CENDANA
2018 Thermos Foundation, Studio 94, Taipei
2017–19 Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), Taipei
2017-19 Nusantara Archives, No Man's Land, Taiwan
2016-19 Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS)
2016-19 Center For Orang Asli Concern (COAC)
2014-15 Krishen Jit Astro Fund, Five Arts Centre
2014– Bang Bang Geng, Kuala Lumpur

Jeffrey J C Lim– artist / urbanist / designer – bio CV site
جيفري 林猷進 Jew Chin

Jeffrey Lim’s work strives to understand the human condition. His artistic expression stems from his cultural work in social art projects using cultural mapping, installation and photography. He has also been active in social activism & advocacy. Jeff has worked in brand identity design and started his own design practise in 2009.

As an artist, Jeff considers himself more as a cultural narrator, utilising forms of conceptual representation with imagery, found-object, and space. His recent work with Kanta Portraits has seen him travel between Malaysia and Taiwan in a social exchange with indigenous communities on their narrative & the nationalistic-construct, presenting portrait prints in return using his self-made box camera.

Notable works: Village Bicycle Workshop (2012), cultural programs on cycling heritage and advocacy, Cycling Kuala Lumpur (2014), participatory mapping for cycling advocacy, Project ISD (2016) urban behavioural study, Attachment (2017) participatory installation on migration and recollection, Kanta Portraits (2018) social exchange on the search for self with instant portraits.

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