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print– portraits and landscapes from Kanta

film– documentaries and short films

Afghan Box Camera 2011 vimeo Afghanistan is one of the last places on earth where photographers used a simple type of instant camera called the kamra-e-faoree for means of making a living. The hand-made wooden camera is both camera and darkroom in one and generations of Afghans have had their portraits taken with it, usually for identity photographs.

Brasil Lambe Lambe 2008 youtube
Documentário experimental que narra a viagem de dois retratistas pelo interior de Pernambuco. Luiz Santos convidou Tonho Ceará para essa viagem, pois queria ver até onde esse experimento podia chegar, uma vez que o ofício de retratista do instantâneo já estava extinto.

Fotógrafos– Havana, Cuba 2011 vimeo
Das Bilderrätsel – cubanische Zeichensprache. Macht mit und gewinnt einen echten originalen cubanischen Schlüsselanhänger.

Jaipur, India 2011 vimeo 
Conde Nast Traveler named Jaipur as the 7th best tourist city in Asia. In the city marketplace, Mr. Chand continues in the footsteps of his grandfather using the same 50 pound, wooden camera to create black and white portraits. The camera is now 150 years old and is one of the oldest working cameras in India. So many faces and so many stories captured by a family and a camera.

link– box camera types

ABCP website 2012
Afghan Box Camera Project
This project was initiated early in 2011 by Austrian artist Lukas Birk and Irish ethnographer Sean Foley. The aim of the project was to create an urgent record of the disappearing art of Afghan box camera photography and freely available online for all.

Brasil Lambe Lambe 2011
Câmera Lambe Lambe
A cultura material relacionada à atividade do Lambe-Lambe caracteriza um importante parâmetro na análise deste profissional, principalmente a máquina fotográfica apoiada sobre um tripé que utilizam, conhecida como máquina-caixote ou máquina-caixão.

Fotografía Minutera
Fotografía minutera 
Se denomina fotografía minutera a la producción fotográfica realizada de ocasión –en la calle o en algún lugar de interés público– con una cámara de cajón que permite el revelado en pocos minutos en el mismo lugar.

practitioner– meetup with box camera practitioners

Nurul Huda, 2nd Box–Kamra Practitioner in Malaysia 2015
Nurul Huda’s first built camera 2015
World Box Camera day 2016
Mauricio Sapata, São Paulo, Brasil 2016
Mauricio Sapata, São Paulo 2016
Imagineiro, São Paulo 2016
Kanta meets Lambe Lambe 

São Paulo, Brasil 2016

Tonro of Lambe Lambe 2016

Kanta meets Mitsu Maeda, 2016

Luc Chen, Taipei, Taiwan 2017
Kanta meets Kah Lin Hip Siong 2017
Lin Photo Studio, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2018

Kanta meets Lin Photo, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2018

Eden Lee, Taiwan newest box camera practitioner 2018

Mitsu Maeda, Kochi, Japan 2018
Kanta meets Box Camera Laboratory, Japan 2018

Adrien Tache, France, comes to Malaysia 2019

Adrien in Malaysia! 2019

Antoine, 3rd box camera practitioner in Malaysia, Penang 2019

press– list of press coverage on Kanta

Archive of Kanta project in the news media, media agency, online publication and website.
2020 Apr– Photojam Channel– Kanta Box Kamra– Jeffrey Lim

2020 Jan– TIFA event website– Luminous Shadow 浮光流影
2020 Jan– Liberty Times– 文化週報》拆掉的,我們蓋回來! 消失的,我們畫回來!
2019 Dec– CARE 9 documentary– Identity
2019 Nov– No Man's Land– NA09: A Box Photographer 群島資料庫09:人像攝影師
2019 Sep– Malaysia Kini– 国族框架外的身份凝视:访“城市人”艺术家林猷进
2019 Jul– No Man's Land– 棕櫚樹、直升機、大石頭,和說故事的人
2019 May– Cendana– Funding Series
2019 Mar– Taiwan Indigenous TV– 攝影師用相機記錄部落 探討南島語族共通性
2019 Mar– No Man's Land– 從殖民檔案到亞洲部落—From Archives to Tribes
2019 Feb– Société Films Projek– Kanta, the camera
2018 Dec– Société Films Projek– Kanta Portraits
2018 Nov– The Kochi Shimbun– 箱カメラに写す「高知の人」 外国人写真家と高知市で2人展
2018 Nov– Kochi Art Projects– インスタントKANTA ポートレート展
2018 Sep– Nusantara Archives– 邊境旅行 PETAMU Project
2018 Aug– ARTouch– 光學的祭典——當代攝影如何重新看待攝影自動主義
2018 Jul– The Star Two– Cultural Agency Cendana
2018 Jun– Centered on Taipei– Studio 94 presents
2018 May– Taipei Times– Transcending borders
2018 May– Studio 94, Thermos Foundation– 鏡頭下的容顏記
2018 Jan– China Daily video– Identity in Focus
2017 Nov– Open Contemporary Art Center– Kanta人像攝影:林猷進在台灣的攝影倡議
2017 Oct– Nikkei Asian Review– Old-style box-camera portraits intrigue Malaysians
2017 Sep– Utusan Online, Hari Hasanah (12:00) mentioned
2017 Aug– The Star Two– The focus widens
2017 Aug– Japanese Association of Art Museums magazine
2017 Jul– Rojak Daily– Meet your Makers
2017 Jun– Uppre online magazine– Born in Malaysia
2017 Apr– Sin Chew Lifestyle– 消失中的盒子.阿富汗相機.kamra-e-faoree
2016 Nov– The Star Metro mentioned
2106 Jul– The Star Metro– Back to basics with the ‘kanta’
2016 Jun– Penang Monthly mentioned

bibliography– library collection of publication on box cameras

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