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KANTA on studio 25 website— 
the project on the official studio page. studio 25 is a working studio with a library of sorts. from graphic design, photography, print making, darkroom printing, & bicycle workshop. 25 is the given unit number and represent nothing more than the physical space of the working studio. the essence and credit of it's portfolio lays with the artisan & labourer who created them. it is a cooperative and a collective.

KANTA Project on facebook group— facebook/KANTA

The Afghan Box Camera Project—
This project was initiated early in 2011 by Austrian artist Lukas Birk and Irish ethnographer Sean Foley. The aim of the project from the outset was to create an urgent record of the disappearing art of Afghan box camera photography and make that information freely available online for all.

Afghan Box Camera Project on facebook/Afghan-Box-Camera-Project

Rodrigo Abd mayan-queens
Associated Press photographer Rodrigo Abd recently traveled to Coban, Guatemala to document the women competing to become this year’s National Indigenous Queen of Guatemala

KANTA project on studio 25 vimeo

Afghan Box Camera on vimeo

How to build a Kamra-e-faoree on vimeo

The Photographer of Jaipur, India on vimeo

Fotógrafos– Havana, Cuba on vimeo

cinema de dois tões by Luiz Santos, from Recife, northeast of Brasil