Art Residency at Studio 94, Taipei in May 2018

Come May 2018, will be heading back to Taipei, Taiwan to start an art residency with Studio 94, Thermos Foundation. The art piece 'Dinding Potret Kanta 2014-2017' will be shipped over for an exhibition with other selective works that I would be able to bring along. I will be producing some prints there. As well as two expeditions to the South of Taiwan to visit two very different and distinctive tribes. The Rukai tribe of Wutai, Pingtung District and Tao (Yumi) tribe of Lanyu island, Taitung District.

A lot of preparations ahead before I would be ready, but here is to the start of the 'Beyond Borders; Portraits from the Edges of Malaysia', expeditions to Taiwan.


Studio 94, Taipei
photo expedition to two locations


Camping Training at Taman Negara

My first camping experience, hiking to three different sites with a 10kg backpack. Training for future trips, heading into the interiors. Gua Gajah / Elephant Cave, where wild free roaming elephants come to mine for salt minerals.

backpack after 4 days on the trail
cave camping at Gua Gajah, Elephant Cave
river crossings
wild free-roaming elephants