24 November 2015— UPDATE; the event was a success, had more than 60 prints, about 80 to 100 people/ portraits taken in two days. Saturday was only open from 2–5pm, where else sunday was 1–7pm. Alot of free prints were given out as well as trade offs. It was great to share the magic of photography and the darkroom all in one, with so many. Completely exhausted at the end of it all. This time on average a positive print copy can be made in 10 mins, with the help of a secondary kamra and reproduction lights. This has made the process much faster and easier to demonstrate.






31 October 2015— KANTA will be here at BAZAAR NEXT DOOR By Art for Grabs & Singapore Makers Association November 21-22, 12pm - 8pm, Boulevard @ Publika. This time raising funds for my own exhibition and of course expanding the library of portraits for Volume 2. more details soon.



REPAIRS; paper box

had to repair the safelight boxes. it does see alot of use in the box, blind. So hence alot of mis-handling. using more durable but stiffer material to link the opening.