Trip up to Pos Piah, my new job as a driver. Temiar (Temer) tribe of Upper Perak, are going through a masterclass crafts workshop organised by JOAS, Gerai OA with funding, backing from the mykasih program & others. I managed to make a few portraits and demonstration to the community. Handed out the prints, made some new friends, had a chilly swim in the river, freezing in the night. It's getting harder to leave everytime, understanding what I see, experiencing what there is. There is much that we still don't know about what's happening out there, I feel a deep loss and a great silence. #KantaPortraits

Kampung Kembok & Pos Piah


darkroom (only at night)

inspecting the prints

weaving masterclass

Balai Adat

secondary camera

Sarimah, mother to seven, Wahab her son was my caretaker throughout the stay
Stolen Forest, Lori Balak (timber lorries). The inside stories here are too controversial to share. Too deeply entrenched in politics, the state and the system of development. Two of numerous lorries carrying out the last remnants.

Team convoy Rocky, just a small part of the bigger team of heroes working everyday, dedicated to a struggle many are not aware of

Team convoy Rocky, Cabrini of JOAS, Reita of Gerai OA
Albert Bansa of JOAS

My ride for the next 3 days, Rocky, I miss you. My new job as the driver #itsnotfastorfurious into the jungle of Upper Perak #KantaPortraits


Presentation– COAC & JOAS

Had a small presentation to NGOs (COAC & JOAS). For the first time in Malaysia, explaining the deeper meaning and pursuit of the project. Screened the short film essay "Lakec" by Posak, and pictures of the exhibition installation, portraits done in collaboration in Taiwan. Mention of the relationship on matters of identity- oral tradition, & collective memory, cultural mapping, geospatial context of native language etc. Thank you for hosting and the support #COAC

My exhibit items in a box, just arrived from Taipei yesterday. Prints and found objects. Just in time for the presentation & screening in the evening.

Screening the Essay film "Lakec"

one of the installations

exhibit items arrived

COAC, important resource center in the region



markings- patterns


Acquired– Eneloop batteries & Charger

4 pairs of AA rechargeable batteries for the new Metz hammer head flash 45 CT3. power output is a slightly more powerful than the DM-40G. 45 comes with more settings for output, at M full, 1/2, 1/4 and fill in flash. 2000Mah AA batteries x 8 pc and rapid charger set. total RM219

Rapid charger + 4pc AA
4pc AA blister pack


Interview with James Lee

doghouse73pictures James Lee dropped by my new studio space last Sunday. We had a talk for about 2 hours. First interview in this space, first time I'm starting to open up this part of my life. In-depth with a really cool guy James. Thanks for connecting, wishing you all the best


Acquired- Hammer head flash Metz 45 CT-3

Backup and updated flash. I dropped my only working flash, it cracked in a few places. I need to get a replacement and backup. thanks to Koonyik for sourcing one for me. I've been searching on ebay and carousell locally.


Saturday Portraits– Oct

This Saturday, chance to get your portrait taken. Kamra #1interchange is available for most of the day. #SatPort

 thank you for the support, and visiting the project. Today was abit of a challenge, but I'm getting use to the lighting and conditions here. Next month should be November 3rd. Chance to get a portrait print with silver, exclusively at RM20 only with #1interchange #KantaPortraits

Kamra #1interchange setup
Print display


Acquired digital camera

Fundraising Sept is successful, after looking at both Canon M6 and Sony RX100iv, decided on this one, mainly because of the compact size and lense quality (plus the EVF!). Thank you everyone for the support, I should have better quality documentation pictures on field trips soon. One thing for sure, I need to sayang (care) this camera.

Electronic Viewfinder

selection of pre-owned cameras

new old stock

paid cash


Booth Art for Grabs

#KantaPortraits with #artforgrabs. Thank you for the amazing support. I've met many inspiring people, sharing more of themselves with me and the project.

Instant Portrait Booth 2018
Jeffrey Tanggang from Sabah

Booth Setup 2018

inside #mobiledarkbox


couple portrait


phil & luka

phil & luka

phil & luka

art & design students
Coming week, the project has been given the chance to open a Portrait Booth. As I'm just coming out of being ill, i'm going to try take it easy. As usual, I will be putting up two main cameras up #1interchange & #8intrepid. Finally my fresh new stock of 3.5x5.5" has arrived too. I have been trying to get #4woodie up and running as well. my latest rebuild, able to print from small to large prints up to 6.5 x 8.5", brasilian-inspired Lambe-Lambe technique. Thank you Art For Grabs for the support.