Trip up to Pos Piah, my new job as a driver. Temiar (Temer) tribe of Upper Perak, are going through a masterclass crafts workshop organised by JOAS, Gerai OA with funding, backing from the mykasih program & others. I managed to make a few portraits and demonstration to the community. Handed out the prints, made some new friends, had a chilly swim in the river, freezing in the night. It's getting harder to leave everytime, understanding what I see, experiencing what there is. There is much that we still don't know about what's happening out there, I feel a deep loss and a great silence. #KantaPortraits

Kampung Kembok & Pos Piah


darkroom (only at night)

inspecting the prints

weaving masterclass

Balai Adat

secondary camera

Sarimah, mother to seven, Wahab her son was my caretaker throughout the stay
Stolen Forest, Lori Balak (timber lorries). The inside stories here are too controversial to share. Too deeply entrenched in politics, the state and the system of development. Two of numerous lorries carrying out the last remnants.

Team convoy Rocky, just a small part of the bigger team of heroes working everyday, dedicated to a struggle many are not aware of

Team convoy Rocky, Cabrini of JOAS, Reita of Gerai OA
Albert Bansa of JOAS

My ride for the next 3 days, Rocky, I miss you. My new job as the driver #itsnotfastorfurious into the jungle of Upper Perak #KantaPortraits