Film Screening & Presentation– KMTX NML in Penang

Film Premier of Kanta Portraits collaboration with Taiwan. I’ll be here with Posak Jodian and organiser 數位荒原駐站暨群島資料庫 NML Residency & Nusantara Archive and OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站.

Nusantara Archive in Penang: “Lakec – Storyteller and Very Simple River” Screening & Thematic Publication Launch– “Nusantara Archive in Penang” is a combined event of the special screening of Posak Jodian’s latest documentary on Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the launch of the thematic publication by the Nusantara Archive. This event will be held at Ruang Kongsi, an independent space based in Penang run by local cultural practitioners. Previously, a series of contemporary video works screening event – “Petamu Project” was organised and held at the Rumah Attap Library and the Collective during the Kuala Lumpur Urbanscape Festival in July 2018, featuring works by both Malaysian and Taiwanese artists of the Nusantara Archive. This upcoming event, “Nusantara Archive in Penang” on 15 December is an extension from such collaborative effort, while responding to the multi-cultural dimension of the Penang-Taiwan through the artistic works of moving images and thematic publication since the curatorial program of “Hari Ini Dalam Serjarah” during the DA+C Festival in Penang in 2015. Local artists, Hoo Fan Chon and Okui Lala who were involved in projects organised by the Nusantara Archive will host the after-screening discussion on 15 December.



FIELD TRIP– Penang Island

I’m in Penang for the premier of a film by Posak Jodian, on our Kanta Portraits Taiwan Malaysia Exchange. Happening this Sunday. Hugging the coast heading up the peninsular. Coconut plantation, rice fields, palm oil, agrarian nation.


IN THE FIELD– Benshankeng Trail

崩山坑古道-泰平到柑腳 Bengshankeng Ancient Trail– We made a hike up an ancient trail, exploring part of Taiwan's landscape and narrative behind these trails, making some exposures along the way. It was not the best weather but I managed to make six exposures. The wetness of the surrounding threw light in the undergrowth everywhere and the contrast was hard to control. Everybody had a chance to click the shutter button. I will need to return to keep exploring and make more exposures soon.


FILM release– Identity

One of a few interviews I gave this year where I started expressing my thoughts and reflection after a lengthy research project that has come to an end. Glimpse into my field work with Kanta Portraits. Thanks to the production team, and especially Dave and Diaman for sharing their life with me.


Performance meet up Taipei– TIFA

Since April, Pei-Yao and I started talking about this collaboration. In the beginning, she was very inspired from the novel “The Stolen Bicycle” and how my work and life story closely resembled a character in the book. We met in Singapore and had many more exchanges which then resulted in me being part of this performance.

Here meeting with the production team for the first time, presenting my work, showcasing some of the cameras and later running some preliminary test in the hall. It is going to be the biggest production I have ever participated in. Ten cameras positioned all over the hall, and printing over 500 prints from the performance. It's going to be an exciting challenge!



TALK– Camera– RexKL

Part of a camera event with Buku Tiga Lima, a short talk on the function of the camera and demonstration.


BUILD– Filter sets

Tian Ya filters
Gradual Neutral Density 2 / 4 / 8


BUILD– Contact frames

plate holders and contact print
repurpose plate holders as contact print


BUILD– Pinhole Containers Cameras

choice of cans
standard sizes
sketch of types 
needle sizes
Pynch Camera