PRESENTATION & SCREENING: 兩則鄉關何處:台馬原住民紀錄片播映及分享會

In collaboration with Rumah Attap Library & Collective 亞答屋84號圖書館 and Into The Wild Borneo 走进婆罗洲, Kanta Portraits together with Posak Jodian will be giving a short presentation and a screening of the short film essay “LAKEC”.

Kanta Malaysia Taiwan Exchange (KMTX) at Rumah Attap Library, 4th May 2019, 7.30pm


The State and Tribespeople

Cunex Village of the Temiar tribe, robbed and lives destroyed (Upper Perak). They are protecting what is last of their ancestral land and the most sacred site to what would be the story to the beginning of us in this world. Here is the log pile and ‘kongsi’ (loggers quarters), waiting for extraction from their ancestral land. Irreversible, life destroyed and cultural genocide continues. Sacred sites, graves, their food source, their medicine, their spirituality, their life as it disappears. Today loggers forced their way through the blockade set up by the indigenous village as their last stand. The logging continues, no where else left to run, or hide, they stand to fight but alone, as the silence of this continues to feed the development that we on the outside world remain ignorant to. Failing to see our silence is the undoing of our connection to earth.