LENSES; salvaging lenses

Salvaging lenses from old unusable multifocal lense, quite alot of elements here and also the aperture. possibly a few suitable ones for the project.


ACQUIRE; Biscuit tin

PENANG; pasar malam, biscuit seller. been eyeing these biscuit tins for a bit. they're quite ideal, with the window, although abit small, not for long lenses. Acquired 2 used biscuit tins.

LENSES; large format lenses & shutters

looking up some old, good quality lenses. acquired a couple of lenses as options for the project. here are a few on the list

1. front lense element, shutter size 0 127mm
2. barrel lense, russian, 210mm
3. barrel lense, russian, 210mm
4. barrel lense with mounting, 135mm
5. prontor polaroid shutter size 0, 135mm
6. rear of lense plate, rear lense element
7. focal plane cloth shutter, this is pretty old stuff







test shot; 100mm 2 x 3" format bellow camera

a basic 2 x 3" camera with 100mm lense, about 4" lens coverage, basic front lense shift controls. managed to do some front tilting to get some interesting depth

test shots; comparison

comparison shot with Aedewan as talent



line to quote

the eye responds to light. every object viewed is seen with light— either the light emitted by the object or light that is reflected from it.

taken from chapter the science of light, light and vision by Conrad G. Mueller, Mae Rudolph. LIFE science library

KANTA project on studio25.my site

find some official picture of the project posted on studio 25's website
KANTA is a self-contained instant camera, through an analogue photographic process; it is an ingenious, economical way of producing an image. Kanta, which means lense in Malay, will be made from salvaged materials. Apart from the interesting process of building this box camera, this project also hopes to capture a unique portrait of everyday Malaysian society. The printing process & effect of this camera juxtapose with what is recorded creates an interesting and unique insight of ourselves. (2014)
with inspirations from kamra e faoree— building a ‘turn of last century’ instant print camera. it's almost extinct, still used in remote parts of india and afghanistan. a camera obscura which functions as a darkroom. uses the photopaper as a negative and positive. ingenious way of reproduction. join the group on facebook/kanta to see the development. (2011)

with support from the Kristen Jit Astro Fund 



REUNION; Master Chan

Master Chan, an old friend and one of my most respected mentors. He's 78 this year, still sharp as the lenses in the cameras he restores. He'll be giving me valuable lessons in the essence of the moulding of light.