Pos Piah Expedition with COAC

Lan of Kembok, Pos Piah, Upper Central Perak, Temer tribe (Temiar as recognised by Gov). Again it's an amazing experience to be with amazing and resilient people of central Malaysia. 14 hour journey, only 6 hours in two villages on a mapping and Native Community meetings and agendas. Less than an hour I had with the kamra before sunset, 12 people had their portrait taken. Then we had dinner, Kijang (Barking deer) and Babi Hutan (Wild Boar). Lunch was musang (civet cat/ fox) and katak (frogs). (With the kind support of #COAC)

- charge batteries for flash and GPS
- charge digital camera
- refill chemical bottles
- stock up photo paper
- pack and wrap lenses
- prepare educational kit
- light meter, batt check
- prep trays, cloth, waste water container
- prep envelopes
- prep namelists

Natural sunlight produces interesting tones and flares.
pos piah


Symposium Panel Discussion– Kanta Portraits

Symposium Panel Discussion Kuala Lumpur Biennale, National Art Gallery, moderated by Majidi Amir together with artists Tan Wei Kheng- Son of rainforest (Malaysia) and myself- Kanta Portraits (Malaysia)

#KantaPortraits Deeply inspired by the works of other panelists, @shaqkoyok_art, tan wei kheng with their work with indigenous people. I feel a big collaboration coming soon with them. Kanta Portraits Symposium Panel Discussion @klbiennale; This Saturday 24 Feb, 3.30pm. Will be presenting and discussing on Be loved Humanity, moderated by Majidi Amir together with artists Tan Wei Kheng – Son of rainforest (Malaysia), Hangjohn Lin – The politic of love (Taiwan) & @jeffreyjclim – Kanta Portraits (Malaysia) #KantaBoxKamra #edgesofmalaysia #beyondborders Facebook Event https://web.facebook.com/events/146537559374815/


Speaker & Panel Discussion– World Urban Forum

Leveraging Diversity & Culture, shaping the cities for all, was on a panel at @wuf9kl with very distinguish people from #UNHabitat culture, heritage and #UNESCO creative cities, Mayors, movers who are making things happen in the world. Glad that Malaysia Heritage Board is there to also represent. selected more for the art, photography & social research rather than the cycling or urbanist projects #CyclingKualaLumpur #KantaPortraits #isd25 #BicycleMapProject #VillageBicycleWorkshop


Feature: Urban Tales, China Daily & The Star TV

Late last year, intimate thoughts to my approach to my work with portraiture, this project and my own reflections.


Acquired new camera– 8x10

i just bought a new camera for over RM3,000 for the project trip to taiwan this year. most i've paid for a camera in a long time! would take me a year to R&D build one, so i thought best i invest in a maker who i believe in (also something I could afford). Coming in 3 months... say hello to 2.15kg The Intrepid Camera Co. 8x10" camera (versus my 9kg #5elecamm 10x12", i save 7kg on my check-in luggage).