Kamra #1; interchange / first print

managed to do 3 prints last night, although only 1 print produced an image. will attempt again tonight. in dire need of a sitter



Visited a new lead for getting recycled wood. This one very organised, and mostly hard wood with minimal damage. Turns out most of them are taken from luxury bungalows of Bukit Tunku, the western hills of KL. Attempt at building the reproduction arm that could fit as an attachment on to kanta #1 & #2. if it works well, replicated for #4 too.



testing the optics for prototype #1 interchange for image projection, circle of confusion, focal length distance & reproduction arm calculations. another mind-bending time to figure out an aesthetic, efficient design solution



MOUNTING; base board

Here are the progressive pictures of the making of the base board mounting. using 3/16 nut thread (standard photographic & lighting threads). bored a hole 16mm and pressing in the nut, carving out a recess of 3mm for placing a base (50 cent coin), securing it in place with 3 screws. the design is the flushed flat and able to be mounted on all standard tripods (with converter) 





TRIPOD; mounting

made the base and filler from left over salvaged wood. using the standard dual lighting stud as the screw, works great!




TRIPOD; mounting

need to fabricate a mount system to fit all 4 kamras. Found an old surveyors field tripod