Archive of Kanta project in the news media, media agency, online publication and website.

2019 Mar– Taiwan Indigenous TV– 攝影師用相機記錄部落 探討南島語族共通性
2019 Mar– No Man's Land– 從殖民檔案到亞洲部落—From Archives to Tribes
2019 Feb– Société Films Projek– Kanta, the camera
2018 Dec– Société Films Projek– Kanta Portraits
2018 Nov– The Kochi Shimbun– 箱カメラに写す「高知の人」 外国人写真家と高知市で2人展
2018 Nov– Kochi Art Projects– インスタントKANTA ポートレート展
2018 Sep– Nusantara Archives– 邊境旅行 PETAMU Project
2018 Jul– The Star Two– Cultural Agency Cendana
2018 Jun– Centered on Taipei– Studio 94 presents
2018 May– Taipei Times– Transcending borders
2018 May– Studio 94, Thermos Foundation– 鏡頭下的容顏記
2018 Jan– China Daily video– Identity in Focus
2017 Nov– Open Contemporary Art Center– Kanta人像攝影:林猷進在台灣的攝影倡議
2017 Oct– Nikkei Asian Review– Old-style box-camera portraits intrigue Malaysians
2017 Sep– Utusan Online, Hari Hasanah (12:00) mentioned
2017 Aug– The Star Two– The focus widens
2017 Aug– Japanese Association of Art Museums magazine
2017 Jul– Rojak Daily– Meet your Makers
2017 Jun– Uppre online magazine– Born in Malaysia
2017 Apr– Sin Chew Lifestyle– 消失中的盒子.阿富汗相機.kamra-e-faoree
2016 Nov– The Star Metro mentioned
2106 Jul– The Star Metro– Back to basics with the ‘kanta’
2016 Jun– Penang Monthly mentioned