Taipei Travelogue– Post-expedition

#KantaTaiwan Last few days in Taipei, usually spent printing portraits for archival, in between meetings and after work dinner at night, coming down from the mountain.

  1. my mobile darkbox makes a great portable darkroom
  2. hang dry area for prints & repair station too
  3. washing out some prints today, experimenting with some new techniques, due to limitation of equipment & resources. Keep it simple, natural light and efficient process. Prints for coming Tuesday exhibit, Selv Grass archiving and wutai's collection
  4. met up with Eden Lee Eden to check out his camera build. looking great!
  5. 李伊蟬 dinner buddy after work, sometimes brings me on her scoot! thanks for the tour! #scoottaiwan
  6. Hsiao-Ting Tsai project manager, my usual after work dinner buddy, also my scoot buddy #scoottaiwan. thanks for bringing me out of the mountain
  7. hunt for the adidas kampung taiwan version. got myself a pair. thanks for finding it luc, we crossed the city to the west to find this.
  8. Off-subject, but my kinda shoes for rural work. Looking for uniquely Taiwanese made single mould shoes. Didas Taiwan version, takda saiz! :( Besok stok baru sampai. It's called 膠鞋 Chow Share (plastic shoes)
  9. other finds, traditional biscuits and cakes, and throw out briefcase from a chinese doctor, now makes good use to carry those multiple bubble tea
  10. ximen, thanks anne for taking me out for dinner after work too! beef noodle
  11. meeting up with Hoo FanChon Shih-tung Lo and fu kuen at Shuang Lian, after work dinner meet up, met zikri later that night
  12. Hello friends :) although short our meetup, but great to catch up and be under the same roof. Till we meet again somewhere... — with Zikri Rahman and Hoo FanChon.
  13. work meeting with luc... here in local beitou with tempura (which is not fried but boiled!)
  14. my usual public transport options, involves train and the bus
  15. sometimes i take the bicycle
  16. spent the only free day I have left at the library. #NTU National Taiwan University #tiprc Taiwan Indigenous People Resource Center, reading up on localised publication of Austronesian & Formosan history & links to the region. Social studies. Too much hypotheses to digest in one day, need further studies and reflection. I will be back #Studio94tw thank you for the art residency & support for the entire research trip
  17. 與馬來西亞藝術家林猶進(Jeffrey)造訪臺灣原住民族圖書資訊中心,他這次來台灣主要是拜訪屏東的魯凱族部落。期待他下一階段與OCAC 打開-當代藝術工作站藝術家合作,進行更多Kanta Portraits計劃的原民部落踏查,並完成新的合作創作! (With Malaysian artist Jeffrey visiting the Taiwanese Book of Aboriginal Information Center, he came to Taiwan mainly to visit the Rukai tribe in Pingtung. He is looking forward to the next stage of his cooperation with OCAC Open - Artistic Workstation Artists for more original Kanta Portraits plans and the completion of new collaborative creations.)
  18. Camera screen died very early during the residency, all the digital pictures were shot blindly. Time to retire camera, need replacement, what can be more tough than a tough camera? Journal Log Camera, Canon G7xii will just oxidise and evaporate in my hands, haha!
  19. Patrons of the Arts, thank you! 
To the people I've met during the residency, who made it possible and my stay pleasant, thank you. It is my first solo exhibition! My first overseas photo expedition, and my first discourse of the deeper meaning to my work with #KantaPortraits, many first, hopefully not the last, hope to see you again soon. Till we meet again, all the best :) #studio94tw

1. mobile darkroom

2. dry print & repair area

2. dry print area

3. washing prints

4. Eden tent camera

5. 李伊蟬 dinner buddy

6. Hsiao-Ting Tsai project manager

7. adidas kampung taiwan version

8. 膠鞋 Chow Share (plastic shoes)

9. other finds

10. ximen dinner with anne

11. Hoo FanChon, Shih-tung Lo and fu kuen

12. Zikri Rahman & Hoo FanChon

13. work meeting Luc

14.  my transport

15. bicycle, youbike

16. #tiprc Taiwan Indigenous People Resource Center

17. Meetup with Rikey, Chia-Lan (Nusantara)

18. Casualty, dead screen

19. Patrons of the Arts, thank you!