#1interchange– changing outer shell, upgrades

(1) #1interchange camera, gets a new outer shell. The old one, about 5 years old, has seen its days. Doing some upgrades in the new one, but no time to develop a new version just yet. Be travelling for next few months and need it to work consistently. More pics soon if I can manage

(2) Making of the front standard. Deciding which coins to use, #amulets; Taiwan, Brasil, Malaysia & Australia where I hope to bring this project in the far future. I would love to use China, Indonesia, Philippines too, but I don't have those currency nor have I visited those countries yet (China yes).

(3) Hello new shell #1interchange and a few upgrades. Hopefully it will last another 5 years. I should build a newer version, but no time to develop. Maybe next year.

(1) left new, right old
(1) rusting through
(2) Amulets Installed
(2) clockwise brasil, australia, malaysia, taiwan
(2) folded inside
(2) cutout shape
(2) cutting sheet steel
(3) New outer shell with a few upgrades
(3) Inner coating pvc glue
(3) to draw a circle....