Repair, materials

(1) Currently working on the tripod central column base, which is loose. Manfrotto 055proxb post 2015 model, is pretty bad design flaw. No wonder they changed a few years after. Many other user online having similar issues. Sawed off to get the available tool wrench to tighten base. No time to do the manfrotto service rubbish here. Leave for Taiwan in a week.

(2) #8intrepid 8x10 film back is not very well made. The ply is not the best material when routed so thin. It's very weak at the joints. Both film back had the corners easily coming off. Structurally it's not sound. Repair made to the last of the 2. I did extensive repair work on the first previously. Ply also warped quite badly.

(3) Delivery of photo paper, it's RM 261 (±NT 1,960) which is almost half the price than what I can get in Taiwan. Thanks Shriro for the support. Can only afford 100 sheets (box) for now.