Day 7– Wutai

#KantaTaiwan Day 7. journal Monday 28 May. Last day in Wutai.

  1. Portrait of the late legend of Wutai, 1, Portrait of the late legend of Wutai, we lived in his home. A great hunter, well respected man, a legend, books have been written about him.
  2. The great hall. Drekai (Rukai) people are descendants of the clouded leopard, the main pillar with the carvings of his father, he was a great craftsman too, with stag horns, testament to his hunting skills, Ceremonial Japanese swords from the colonial era, there were muskets too, perhaps from the Dutch period. Jesus, an introduced religion from the west, ingrained into the community. Lilies which is sacred and significant, Snake skin patterns, Kuomintang certificates, all amalgamation of Rukai's heritage and culture.
  3. Ah Yee, MeiHua, Luc's Aunt, an innovative entrepreneur, independent farmer, like many in her village, hardworking and resilient
  4. My backpack load, consist of my 3x5 box camera, 8x10 with processing tent, chemicals etc, making instant prints in the field, with a spare change of clothes. about 20kg.
  5. the ride down the majestic mountains, and across the only bridge that connects to the outside world.
  6. Train back to Taipei, this train takes about 5 hours back to the capital. In total it's about 12 hours door to door.
  7. back in Shilin District, Taipei, making my way up another mountain back to #studio94tw residency space. In the culture of the city / state, different sense of belonging.

In my short time there, I've learned much and experience some to ponder and reflect. On the challenges that communities face, the duality and sometimes multiple identities, in being resilient and innovative. And how important living memories are, especially in oral speaking traditions, in keeping cultural and social links between each other, with their past, to the relevance of the present, and the challenges for the future. #KantaPortraits #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia

1. The late legend of Wutai

2. Rukai's amalgamation

3. MeiHua

4. backpack load

5. Only bridge link

6. Train back

7. back in Taipei