Day 3– Wutai

#KantaTaiwan Day 3, journal, Thursday 24 May on the southern hills of Taiwan, Wutai

  1. Morning breakfast & market truck. It's a small village, the market is on wheels to serve the scattered villages in the hills
  2. Market on wheels, with a song on the loudspeaker
  3. Revisit museum, further conversations, elementary school visit, rukai language class
  4. Ay Ge Le meetup, contemporary artist, returning youth, one of his first artwork
  5. Legeay ancestral home & stories 
  6. That is where our ancestors first settled, the top, middle and bottom village, stories of beginnings
  7. Legeay, walking tall, big heart for a big responsibility
  8. Portrait session & demonstration, Luc, photo session at museum, collaboration opportunity
  9. Most touching moment, legeay presents his portrait in a frame and asked for an autograph! Thing is, he had to head to Pingtung, down the mountain about hour ride one way to get it from yesterday! Really honoured! 
  10. Rukai Culture Museum, most important resource centre and caretaker of artifacts, cultures and memories, although it lives in the people who run the space, much reverence for the noble work Peresang Chiu Ying Sung and the team are doing, Oral language & Living Cultures 
  11. Head to the fields, portrait of the native farmer, activist and returning youth too, also happens to be the rukai language teacher at school
  12. Lavakaw, I must have seen his talk at a rally, Native occupy at MRT station last year. 
  13. Rukai scholar visit, guru of the mountains, visit and conversations

Like many native communities I have had the chance to visit, the generation gap widens and cultural inheritance changes context, for instance learning native language through national first language, returning youths play a big role in continuing the legacies of these fragile autonomous communities, finding new relevance between preserving the tradition and regenerating the culture and their identities #KantaPortraits #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia

1. Morning breakfast
2. Market on wheels

3. rukai language class

4. Legeay, Contemporary Artist

5. Legeay ancestral home

6. stories of beginnings

7. Legeay, walking tall

8. Portrait session & demonstration, Luc

9. portrait frame

10. important resource centre

11. portrait, native farmer

12. Lavakaw, activist and returning youth

13. Rukai scholar visit