Taipei Travelogue– Pre-expedition

A day in Taipei, travelogue.

  1. Morning, layout and plan exhibition hanging. hard trying to hang your own exhibition. I look at it too many times, need some time away haha. Needs to be decided today!
  2. Late morning, meetup with @renhi0.3 MRT ride National university. get a bike ride, Love cycling here, it is so rooted in Taiwan's way of life, it's natural. Long hard road, Kuala Lumpur you have alot of relearning to do.
  3. Noon, get to National Taiwan University Library. Such a huge campus, very well thought environment planning, it's seamless. The Library is huge.
  4. Noon, locate and sign in to #TIPRC Taiwan Indigenous People Resource Centre. Most important place for research. just had a 'browse'. Small english section. but to have a resource centre like this, most important everywhere. Will need to spend more time here, spend months, need to extend my stay!
  5. Noon, my most favourite shelf of the library. So much we can learn, about the future of us from experiences and way of life of autonomous communities and cultures. How far have we come to be so disconnected with each other and the environment that lives with us.
  6. After lunch, head to photography street, get materials. just basic chemicals (Dev & Fix), and papers. we'll need to decide on more materials after next meeting. It much more expensive here, almost double of KL. Box of 100 sheets, Multigrade RC 8x10 is about RM420, RM280 in Kuala Lumpur. Need to work out budget in detail again.
  7. Three, after working out budget, buy train tickets for wutai trip, return. We have under budgeted for some expenses, high speed to get there early, but slow local train for return. will somehow manage, it's all part of the process.
  8. Four, locate local shop, for local food-cans hunting. Beitou, my favourite kinda shop. Stash of locality cultural collectables. I gotta eat them.
  9. Four, local recycling centre, hunt for more can/ waste materials (looks exactly like my studio). make many cameras here!!! it's empty today, come back tomorrow. a humanistic reflection, it's depressing the development
  10. Cycle home with my loot of treasure cans. I had to limit myself! Thank you Luc for sharing

#KantaTaiwan #KantaPortraits

1. Exhibition Hanging
2. Meetup with Luc
3. NTU Library
4. Indigenous People Resource
5. favourite shelf section
6. get photo materials
7. work out budget, get tickets
8. local shopping for cans
9. recycling center for cans
10. Cycle home with cans