Kochi– day 5

Day 5, In the mountain again of Kami district, deep into the central range Monobecho Onishi 物部町大西. Travelling between mountain villages, most of the natives here in the past, used the passes to travel without ever coming down from the mountain. This region has an interesting transmigrating culture. Stories from grandma of 98 years on how she ended up here.

Grandma [1] who is originally from the other side of the mountain range, was born into a nomadic family, travelling in-between villages, selling their wooden bowl craft. Yasuko [2], who works for an NPO, is stationed in Kami, Odoshi town, on reverse migration. In helping repopulate the countryside. The organisation runs out of a non-functioning preschool, she got us in touch with a couple who just recently made the move into the country. Trip into the mountain saw alot of tunnels [3], precarious cliffhanger single lane roads. Interview ran into two hours, with the couple helping out, numerous times [4] grandma pointed into the mountains, of paths and passes. [5] Making portraits of the locals. @mitsumae [6] I've grown to work well with, now becoming very well efficient, we have now become travelling Hako Kameras, making portraits, and collecting stories. [7] meeting Baseworks, a leather smith in the remote mountain, most comfortable shoes ever worn. [8] @boxkameralabo makes the first portrait with kamra #1interchange [10]. We spend so much time in the car, between locations, meals included [9]. I think the most meaningful part of the journey is made between us having conversations before and after our interviews as we reflect on our findings, the people we met, searching our feelings, seeing the country, our aspirations. There is so much I've not had enough time to express, but it's great to share it with Mitsu. I hope we'll be able to present it well at our preliminary presentation this Saturday #KantaPortraits #KantaJapan #KochiArtFestival #KochiArtFestival2018 #KochiArtProjects #KochiArtProjects2018


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rural bridges

rural bridges

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