Kochi– Day 2

Day 2 Starts early, [8] daily walk to studio. [3] Today's excursion into the central mountain region of Otoyo, Shikoku island. [4] Different fieldwork recording devices. [2] Visiting another research team, Mimurasan with Kochi Arts Projects, on dying native dialect, and producing a local song in trying to revive the use of *Toyonaga dialect. [1] Highland farmers [12, 13, 14], researchers say are indigenous to these mountains. [7] Cultural Mapping, locality names and village layout [5] Mitsu doing a different kind of fieldwork, picking citrus while interviewing. [6] Travelling on open-back pickup truck, village style. [9] Display Title done [10] Opening talk and presentation, [11] demonstration. @boxkameralabo [15] makes portrait prints too of recent inhabitants Tosacho #KantaPortraits #BoxKameraLab @ Otoyo #KantaJapan #KochiArtFestival #KochiArtFestival2018 #KochiArtProjects #KochiArtProjects2018

[1] Highland farmers

[2] Visiting another research team

field recording devices

highland rice fields, Otoyo

Yuzu picking

farm transport

cultural mapping

Kochi city

exhibition title 
Opening talk