ACQUIRED; FUJINON 150mm f/5.6 Lens + Copal Shutter #0

RM570.00 condition: For parts or not working, “Used. As-is”. Fingers crossed it's working and arrives in time for next market on 19th.

This lens will be used for reproduction, less or no-distortion at this focal length. Frees up the current 100mm lens which can be used on kamra #2 which then can make it's debut too!

UPDATE; Lens and cable release arrives almost an hour of each other. just in time for a shoot. lens looks and feels great, exactly the focal length kamra #1 was built for. It's after the grant period, so the criteria to find lenses locally does not need to be met.

RECOMMENDED Ebay seller 'Very Best Cameras Japan, Naomi Yamada'