Malaysiaku Celebrations

Instant Portrait Booth- coming Sunday 16th Sept at Malaysiaku Celebrations 2018 at The Bangkung Row. Two cameras will be prepared, #1interchange & #8intrepid at 3.5x5.5" and 8x10" size on silverprint photo paper. Exhibited- Project info, Peninsular, Borneo states & Taiwan Maps, a selection of unpublished portraits from the field. Fundraising September for much-needed equipment, future field trips.

At Malaysiaku Celebrations 2018 event yesterday. Managed to document the booth setup 2018. And some pictures from participants, great to meet so many, new friends and inspiration. Fundraising September #KantaPortraits thank you for the great support, biggest one goes to Ed Soo

Saidah Rastam
Daniel and Family

Malek & Suann

drying rack fully extended

drying rack


Patricia & Husband, Anniversary shot

Family of 9

booth setup

booth setup

booth setup 2018