Last booth in September and probably 2018. Two cameras #1interchange & #8intrepid, with mini exhibit with maps and portraits from the field. *Will try to get my latest build camera ready for a trial run as well #4woodie. #KantaPortraits *prebook available Artitude - The School, Jaya One 3 days arts & crafts bazaar showcasing the young, independent and creative Malaysians. Sept 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday), 12- 8pm, at The School

Portrait booth during the weekend #artitude, fundraising September comes to a close. What the booth looks like Sept 2018, and packs down to a luggage. I'm completely exhausted from a market every weekend with private sessions. Fallen ill but it's been so great meeting so many. Thank you for the great support and friendship. Wishing everyone well, till we meet again #KantaPortraits

on 20+ year old expired paper

booth setup 2018

booth setup 2018

packs down to luggage

with GMBB sales team

framing the shot



best work so far