2018– Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme, 
Cultural Economy Development Agency CENDANA (Grant period May 2018-May 2019)

2018– Bang Bang Geng, for the support and Patronage

2013– Krishen Jit Astro Fund 2013, Five Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur
(Grant period July 2014-July 2015)

Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia/ Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS), Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)

  1. Five Arts Centre– Krishen Jit Astro Fund, Art Grantee 2013 with seed funding
  2. Master Chan– camera Restorer, machinist, lens board maker, contributed field camera for parts
  3. Koon Yik– Bang Bang Geng camera service shop, barrel lens & flash guns, use of facilities
  4. Lukas Birk– Afghan Box Camera Project, support & acknowledgement
  5. Kit– BA-Light, contribution of three broken light bulbs varying sizes
  6. Slims Family– Palate Palette Restaurant, three cooking oil cans
  7. Lucas & Joyce– Tofu Penang, support in two biscuit tin acquisition
  8. Justin Lim– contribution of large light bulb
  9. Framer– off-cut glass
  10. Wan Mas– lumberjack at the local recycler, for offcut wood
  11. Awi Amery– contribution of old expired photographic papers & equipment
  12. Gene Harn– two beyond-repair 135 format lenses
  13. Naomi Yamada– Ebay, contributing 3 old shutter-release cables
  14. Bike Pro– used bicycle tubes
  15. Iskandar Ahmat– photographic documentation of booth
  16. Chi Too– use of tabletop saw machinery, Squat Studios
  17. Vig Nachname– loan of flash lightmeter
  18. Eiffel Chong– courier Photographic Paper & support, university throwout, support
  19. Goh Lee Kwang & Phang Kee Teik– Art for Grabs, booth allocation, support & sharing
  20. UC & Jamal– Caffa Festival
  21. Moon & Shafina– KLPA, photographic collective for highlight & support
  22. Sasya Ahmad & Morais– Guerilla Photography Event, highlight & support
  23. Gan Siong King– filmography documentation, highlight & support, studio space
  24. Nurul Hudaa– apprentice, supporter, assistance & only other Malaysian box camera
  25. Awesome Gallery– Market event, highlight & support
  26. Battery Acid Club– Market event, highlight & support
  27. Mauricio Sapata– fellow Afghan box photographer, sharing & support
  28. Roger Sassaki– Imagineiro, sharing & support
  29. Wong Pek Mei– for covering the project for the Star Metro
  30. Shentel, Bowerhaus– private event, highlight & support
  31. K Azril Ismail– meetup, sharing & support
  32. Mahen Bala– meetup, sharing & support, invitation for speaking
  33. Mitsu Maeda– meetup, sharing & support, collaboration project partner in Kochi
  34. Chang Pei Lee– for covering the project in Chinese daily
  35. Luiz Santos– sharing & support, World Box Camera day
  36. Sze Ning– support with COAC, JOAS, & sharing
  37. Lily Li– sharing & support with her family
  38. Albert Bansa- support with JOAS, & assistance
  39. Patrick Helson– support with Zomi Refugee School
  40. Bronz– support & assistance
  41. Ramizah– support & assistance
  42. Hudaa– sharing & support with outskirts Miri school trip
  43. PeySein– support and traveling partner with Hudaa
  44. Jerome Manjat– support & sharing, assistance at Tamparuli
  45. Kenny Loh– exhibition opportunity, exposure, support & sharing
  46. Vimal Palasekaran– for covering the project during the exhibition
  47. Marcus Lee– for covering the project in Rojak Daily
  48. Aqmal– for support in Foma papers & film holder
  49. Paik Yin– for presenting the project at Realities
  50. Albert Bansa– for the support on getting the project over to PHOAS
  51. Qishin Tariq– for covering the project in the Star Metro
  52. Sarah Amer– Lab DNA for the support on getting project on Hari Hasanah
  53. Pecha Kucha– for selecting the project to present
  54. Saubin– for the support & networking to Taiwan
  55. Rikey Chen– support & assistance in presenting project to Taipei
  56. Chia-Jen– OCAC 2017 director for support during study trip
  57. Eden Lee– support & sharing, bleaching agent, technical sharing
  58. Bonni & Hans– for Kanta Sejuk, donated a fridge!
  59. Koon– Support & sharing from BSN
  60. Zanita– Support & sharing for the project, KL Biennale
  61. Colin Nicholas– COAC for support on expeditions to native villages
  62. Andrea Deng– China Daily on coverage of project
  63. Joshua Lim– The Star on coverage of project
  64. Tan Wei Kheng– great hospitality in Miri, support & sharing, meetup in Miri
  65. Shaq Koyok– support & sharing, future collaborations
  66. Sarina Yeh– studio 94 & team, thermos foundation, support & residency program
  67. Hsiao-Ting- studio 94, support & sharing of the project
  68. Maxim Alan– intrepid camera, support on preparing cameras in time
  69. Yoong Chia– support, sharing, studio space
  70. Reita Rahim– Gerai OA, for support, assistance and preparing the small gifts
  71. Siok Hui– covering the project, support, & close friend
  72. Luc Chen– support & sharing, collaboration project partner in Wutai
  73. Anne– support and traveling partner with Luc
  74. Shih-Tung, Chia-Lan, Penny Lin, Chia-Jen– OCAC team support & residency
  75. Posak Jodian– support & sharing, collaboration project partner
  76. Lisin Haluwey- support & sharing, assistance in Fatáan
  77. Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia- support, assistance and collaborations
  78. Room 203 & Fin, Publika– sharing space for booth setup
  79. Steven Lee, KLPA– support in fundraising
  80. Ed Soo, Malaysiaku event– support in fundraising
  81. Goh Lee Kwang, Artitude– support in fundraising
  82. Melizarani, Art for grabs– support in fundraising
and the countless sitters who modeled for the project.

PS. If i forgot to mention you, i'm so sorry, I try to recall as best i can. please send me a hello!