2019 Nusantara Archives Residency, No Man's Land, Taiwan  2018  Kochi Art Projects, Kochi, Japan  /  Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), Taipei  /  Thermos Foundation, Studio 94, Taipei  /  Emerging Artist Incubation Funding Programme, Cultural Economy Development Agency CENDANA (Grant period May 2018-May 2019)  2017  Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)  /  Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia/ Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS)  2014  Bang Bang Geng, for the support and patronage  2013  Krishen Jit Astro Fund 2013, Five Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur (Grant period July 2014-July 2015)

Five Arts Centre– Krishen Jit Astro Fund, Art Grantee 2013 with seed funding  /  Master Chan– camera Restorer, machinist, lens board maker, contributed field camera for parts  /  Koon Yik– Bang Bang Geng camera service shop, barrel lens & flash guns, use of facilities  /  Lukas Birk– Afghan Box Camera Project, support & acknowledgement  /  Kit– BA-Light, contribution of three broken light bulbs varying sizes  /  Slims Family– Palate Palette Restaurant, three cooking oil cans  /  Lucas & Joyce– Tofu Penang, support in two biscuit tin acquisition  /  Justin Lim– contribution of large light bulb  /  Framer– off-cut glass  /  Wan Mas– lumberjack at the local recycler, for offcut wood  /  Awi Amery– contribution of old expired photographic papers & equipment  /  Gene Harn– two beyond-repair 135 format lenses  /  Naomi Yamada– Ebay, contributing 3 old shutter-release cables  /  Bike Pro– used bicycle tubes  /  Iskandar Ahmat– photographic documentation of booth  /  Chi Too– use of tabletop saw machinery, Squat Studios  /  Vig Nachname– loan of flash light meter  /  Eiffel Chong– courier Photographic Paper & support, university throwout, support  /  Goh Lee Kwang & Phang Kee Teik– Art for Grabs, booth allocation, support & sharing  /  UC & Jamal– Caffa Festival  /  Moon & Shafina– KLPA, photographic collective for highlight & support  /  Sasya Ahmad & Morais– Guerilla Photography Event, highlight & support  /  Gan Siong King– filmography documentation, highlight & support, studio space  /  Nurul Hudaa– apprentice, supporter, assistance & only other Malaysian box camera  /  Awesome Gallery– Market event, highlight & support  /  Battery Acid Club– Market event, highlight & support  /  Mauricio Sapata– fellow Afghan box photographer, sharing & support  /  Roger Sassaki– Imagineiro, sharing & support  /  Wong Pek Mei– for covering the project for the Star Metro  /  Shentel, Bowerhaus– private event, highlight & support  /  K Azril Ismail– meetup, sharing & support  /  Mahen Bala– meetup, sharing & support, invitation for speaking  /  Mitsu Maeda– meetup, sharing & support, collaboration project partner in Kochi  /  Chang Pei Lee– for covering the project in Chinese daily  /  Luiz Santos– sharing & support, World Box Camera day  /  Sze Ning– support with COAC, JOAS, & sharing  /  Lily Li– sharing & support with her family  /  Albert Bansa- support with JOAS, & assistance  /  Patrick Helson– support with Zomi Refugee School  /  Bronz– support & assistance  /  Ramizah– support & assistance  /  Hudaa– sharing & support with outskirts Miri school trip  /  PeySein– support and traveling partner with Hudaa  /  Jerome Manjat– support & sharing, assistance at Tamparuli  /  Kenny Loh– exhibition opportunity, exposure, support & sharing  /  Vimal Palasekaran– for covering the project during the exhibition  /  Marcus Lee– for covering the project in Rojak Daily  /  Aqmal– for support in Foma papers & film holder  /  Paik Yin– for presenting the project at Realities  /  Albert Bansa– for the support on getting the project over to PHOAS  /  Qishin Tariq– for covering the project in the Star Metro  /  Sarah Amer– Lab DNA for the support on getting project on Hari Hasanah  /  Pecha Kucha– for selecting the project to present  /  Saubin– for the support & networking to Taiwan  /  Rikey Chen– support & assistance in presenting project to Taipei  /  Chia-Jen– OCAC 2017 director for support during study trip  /  Eden Lee– support & sharing, bleaching agent, technical sharing  /  Bonni & Hans– for Kanta Sejuk, donated a fridge!  /  Koon– Support & sharing from BSN  /  Zanita– Support & sharing for the project, KL Biennale  /  Colin Nicholas– COAC for support on expeditions to native villages  /  Andrea Deng– China Daily on coverage of project  /  Joshua Lim– The Star on coverage of project  /  Tan Wei Kheng– great hospitality in Miri, support & sharing, meetup in Miri  /  Shaq Koyok– support & sharing, future collaborations  /  Sarina Yeh– studio 94 & team, thermos foundation, support & residency program  /  Hsiao-Ting- studio 94, support & sharing of the project  /  Maxim Alan– intrepid camera, support on preparing cameras in time  /  Yoong Chia– support, sharing, studio space  /  Reita Rahim– Gerai OA, for support, assistance and preparing the small gifts  /  Siok Hui– covering the project, support, & close friend  /  Luc Chen– support & sharing, collaboration project partner in Wutai  /  Anne– support and traveling partner with Luc  /  Shih-Tung, Chia-Lan, Penny Lin, Chia-Jen– OCAC team support & residency  /  Posak Jodian– support & sharing, collaboration project partner  /  Lisin Haluwey- support & sharing, assistance in Fatáan  /  Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia- support, assistance and collaborations  /  Room 203 & Fin, Publika– sharing space for booth setup  /  Steven Lee, KLPA– support in fundraising  /  Ed Soo, Malaysiaku event– support in fundraising  /  Goh Lee Kwang, Artitude– support in fundraising  /  Melizarani, Art for grabs– support in fundraising  /  and the countless sitters who modeled for the project.
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