KANTA #1 Interchange—package, field camera. from left; - Minyak Goreng oil can Kamra with light-shield lip - red filter, rubber wrap, 210mm meopar lens, lens cap - 150mm lens, lens cap - lens board 59mmØ, 26mmØ, pinhole 0.4mmØ - selenium light meter, safelight kit - 500ml x 2 container solution, 2,000ml container waste water - 4 light safe boxes for 100pc of photo paper
- Reproduction arm
—Gunny bag big
- 80ml x 2 container stock chemicals
- 10ml graduate, funnel
- 150ml x 2 trays, 500ml containers wash waters
- 3 wipe cloths
— Gunny bag small
- Swiss army multi tool, 15mm spanner
- spirit level, spare screws, nut & washer, measuring tape
- light shield corduroy jacket
- 3 x mounting straps
- 5kg load tripod

in total about 9+kg